Beantown 2018 World Cup Qualifier

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Beantown is proud to offer a qualifying competition for the upcoming 2018 World Cup! We will be starting our competition on March 26th and the rules can be found on our website here:

Click for the rules

The competition is limited to 30 teams total and there are currently 14 slots left, so please go to the site and see how to register. We will also be taking a short reserve list (5 coaches other than myself) so if you miss out on the initial signup, there is always the chance someone will drop.

Quick Facts:

Ages 18 and older, younger than 21 requires permission of a parent or guardian

North American time zone oriented (anyone is welcome, but they will be expected to be available during compatible times with NA players)

10 game Wissen among all 30 players

Tickets will be issued based on a rank formula that takes into account your average TV difference (punching up is rewarded)

Organized through Discord (must be used for scheduling)

Aging off, new teams only, non custom, non mixed, teams eligible for the Beantown tournament after the qualifier ends.

All inducements, all stadium upgrades allowed. Fouling is A-okay.

If you wish to join, go to the link and read the rules and follow the instructions. Hope to see you there!
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Full! If you are interested though, we are still taking reserves.

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If I would like to enlist to reserves, where should I do that?

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