Petty cash rules in BB2

Can someone please explain the petty cash rules in BB2?

I am playing a final in a private league next week, and both me and my opponent has 150k in the bank and 13 players. However my opponent has 20 less in Team Value.

So if I spent 150k on a wiz, he gets 170k inducements plus his 150k gold? That’s crazy or did I miss something?

Another question: If we both fire players to avoid being the overdog, then we end up on the same Team Value. Then who goes first with Petty Cash (and gives the other 150k free inducements for buying our wiz)?

I was answered in another forum: With equal TV it is decided by a draw who starts buying inducements. If both teams spend 150k gold, then the first team gets 150k inducements, while the other team gets 300k inducements.

So therefor the unofficial house rule “Financial Fair Play” has been made:

I hope that this rule is made official, as it is a lot better than current rule in BB2 Legendary.

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