Let me just say I really liked The Surge 1 but one criticism I had that was shared by others was how I didn't really feel the incentive to use the drones. This wasn't because I necessarily found them to be functionally useless but rather because of these factors

  • The fact that by default all (but one) drone module required charging to be used which in my mind kind of discouraged experimentation

  • That damage and use-fullness scaled with implants so in order for drones to be effective against later game enemies I needed to sacrifice valuable implant space that could have been used for things like health

How I would change it goes as follows:

  • Have it be that by default all drone attacks are charged at least one time after leaving the med bay and can be charged multiple times using excess energy built up in combat

  • Have damage scale with something other than implants. Like I'd love it if each
    projectile weapon had to be upgraded like with regular weapons.

Those are my just two cents worth of feedback for all I know maybe all of you have already thought a much better idea for the drone system, either way I wish all of you the best of luck in developing the game.