Mudrunner has gone pretty quite past 2 weeks i hope u guys are working ur asses out to get new stuff done XD

Were doomed i tell ya.... DOOMED!

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Guys, can you tell me, what do you expect? There was February community update, so within 10 days there will be (probably) another for March...

@sodoma Hi! We expect information on what developers are currently working on and expect them to really listen to the players' advice. Regards!

Hah, you're obviously not familiar with these devs... :-s

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Hi all,

As @Sodoma said, we posted a community update less than thirty days ago. You need to give us some time to actually work on things before we can give you additional updates.

I do currently plan to have a post up at the end of the month with additional information.

@iyagovos At least they could put the DLC from vehicles selected from mods to consoles, so the players will continue to play, so we can be more patient with upgrades and significant type expansion like (usa mudrunner)😞

Sorry for my English. It's horrible.😆

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@fabio-brasil This is certainly one of the good ideas, but focus would have to pay mod creators for being able to share their mods as DLC. Besides, someone would have to decide first which specific modifications to choose and so on.

i dont think its smart to implement adding specifically chosen mods as dlc cause theres always gonna be people and modders themselves complaining that some of their favorite mods/work didnt got featured to pack in dlc

it will make even bigger chaos

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Patience! - There is a distinct lack of it these days. I bet most of you won't be old enough to remember gaming on the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 using cassette tapes. Yes, the media was magnetic tape and some games took 20 minutes to load. YES THAT'S RIGHT 20 WHOLE MINUTES! If it loaded first time that is....

Do you not think that the devs look at server usage/sales. Just because a couple of members on THIS ONE FORUM think the game is dead, doesn't make it so.

I haven't checked the figures, but has anyone checked the DLC release intervals on other games such as GTA or Battlefield or (God forbid, COD ☠ ). Or some other genre such as the adventure style games (Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy - both Telltale Games)

I think I'll wait a little longer and see. Love this game and all the hard work on it devs and modders. I only play on ps4 and have not been able to play any of the modded content so it would be nice especially blackwater canyon. But I'll wait. I think the devs have made a truly one of a kind game and in time it will be so much better. Thanks!

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Be carefull: 20 minutes of loading time is slowly coming back to our screens 🙂

Or sitting for an entire afternoon typing code for MoonLander on a Vic20 😉
And afaik "server usage" would be exclusive to game downloads as the MP is all peer-to-peer...

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@difflock66 said in Silentium..:


😆 - I remember most of the time we would wait for what would feel like an eternity only for the game to never even load! We'd just give up and play outside most of the time 😆 ah the good ol' days of gaming.

I love this community.... not been an update or any news from developers for 30 days... yet with other games they got a few months and no says anything to the devs yet wirh spintires its end of the worls if they dont head daily updates..


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@kingpinn In those days, graphics outside was better...

This community think that "they" had enough time to shit with/in OldTires.

@Sodoma The frame rate was always solid too! haha

@chri51808 I think that's just people nowadays. Every game I have played recently (ETS2 being one), the forums always have a section of the community who want information on tap, which I get because its nice to get excited about future features etc of your favourite game, but the downside to this unrelinquishable thirst for updates leads to unnecessary speculation and arguments within the community, which is only ever a bad thing. I think we just have to accept that in today's world, there will always be a group of people who are never satisfied with what has been supplied and will always want more. Hopefully the Devs don't think that we are all so demanding and will continue releasing info when its needed and not feel like they have too bow down to pressure when info is demanded constantly.

TBH I'm just happy that we get any updates at all given the previous experience we had at Oovee, so keep up the good work guys and I'm looking forward to the next update, whenever its ready..

@Kingpinn sadly u r very very true...

Even when ppl moaned about no DLC etc been released 2 minutes after launch.. they release a DLC and still moan about bcuz it is exactly to there liking... i find it hilarious..

They have made an amazing game come to console and things take time and arenr done over night which is amazing considering they arent a huge developer, having thousands oof ppl of projects like R*, EA...

Am well looking forward to USA expansion and future dlc..


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