How to add garage trailer in Maps

I am working on a map and in that Initial garage is locked, so I put garage trailer on a map to unlock it.
so how can I do that, I Tried many ways but is not happening so can anyone solve this problem.


You're on the right track. Try "trailer_vagon" or "trailer_tent"

Don't forget to add the addon so that the trailer has something to connect to.

An example for the 4310 with a trailer hauling garage points would be:

Type kamaz4310 <---- This is the truck.
Addons kraz_tractor <----- This is the addon to allow the trailer to connect.
Trailer trailer_tent <----- This is the trailer.

Unless you want only the trailer, to which you plan on connecting a starting truck...

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In that case, I'm not sure. I could never seem to get just a trailer to spawn. It always had to be connected to a truck.

My workaround for this issue was to also add a truck but to spawn the truck either out of fuel, or damaged out, or both so that it couldn't be used. At least, not easily.

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@picsoul I'm thinking the problem you had was adding the trailer as a trailer. When you need to add it as a truck.

0_1521475301539_add trailer as truck.PNG

Works for me.

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