Excellent game and a great start

Registered just to post here, which is something that I don't normally do. Both me and my wife are in our early 30s and grew up with lots of adventure games (her more than me, I was and still am heavily into cRPGs). The quality of the story is the most important factor for us in any given game, which is why it is sometimes very difficult to pick something to play - my wife especially doesn't care much about gameplay loops, shiny things, etc. - she adores Assassin's Creed saga but that is mostly because of the chance to see different places and countries.

Long story short: we both adored Episode 1. The technical part (we played it on PS4 Pro) is more than satisfactory, we are not the ones to complain about every missed animation frame, part of the texture looking more blurry, etc.

The conversation system and skill tree is excellent - easy to get familiar with and enjoyable from the very beginning. We finished Episode 1 over 2-3 nights and my wife immediately asked to play again in a new role to check all the different paths you can take.

Hopefully we won't be made to wait too long for new episodes!

If someone has any questions regarding the game let me know, happy to answer.

Community Manager

Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words! We're glad you like the game and can't wait to release the next episodes 🙂

Finished Episode 1 again, ran into completely new scenes, some of which I had no idea were possible (as in different Confrontations, not just skipped dialogue). I guess a third play-through focusing on different role is in order 🙂

Episode chic. The environment, dialogues, the plot is all very exciting and catch on from the first minutes of the game. Do not slow down the bar, keep it up, I have a premonition in the future epic history 🙂

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