Fun facts

Spintires started back in 2008, for Havok Physics Innovation Contest, and here is the first screenshot:

It was originally using OpenGL instead of DirectX, and PhysX instead of Havok!
And original game idea was something like Besiege (which didn't exist back then obviously).

The next idea was aircraft simulator:

But eventually it evolved into offroad truck simulator:

But the codebase started developing even before that! Have a look at one of the first versions of the Level Editor:

Thats a pendulum movement research that I had fun with in Institute! 🙂

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Thank you for the insight, Pavel! Lovely choice of aeroplane for the old flight simulator idea. The Sukhoi Flanker and all it's variants including the Su-34, are beautiful planes.

Thank you for the information, Pavel. It would be fun to ride the dirt on an airplane = D

10 years of work) And it's wonderful!

@pavel just curious, but do you still happen to have those first vids of the game i saw many years ago? i think it was 2009? could have been 2008-2010 or there about. i remember seeing 2 or 3 videos of these big russian trucks (kraz?) driving through deformable terrain. it was dark or night time. they were of a truck driving through an open field of mud and one dropping off a trailer i think. when a bunch of us saw it on the 1nsaneheat forum everyone thought it might have been the "new 2nsane" at the time, but really no one knew what we were watching. turns out they were early spintires vids. i figured they were for your school project or they were for showing to companies to try and get support.

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@mizogin no those are not the vids i was talking about. i have seen that channel, if those videos were on there they have been removed. the ones i saw the trucks had no attachments other than the one i saw with a type of semi-trailer and there were no plants at all. also they were very dark. the videos showing on that channel are too bright and colorful than the ones i remember seeing. if i see one of them i will know it.

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