I made a loop de loop!

Textures are a bit off but I shall see to that, also can only be seen from "inside" and not sure how to fix that sorry. Using Splines and Extrude.


alt text

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@digital-x have you had a spin yet? It looks deadly! haha

Yep! Used Dr Gonzo's crawler and it made it fine 🙂 All vehicles stall half way up though, but it can be gotten round easily with speed.

Got BeamNG 😉 Had it since the early days, just sneaking a little BeamNG and Spintires into the cauldron! haha.

@digital-x very cool - and you said it works - super cool! Rufus

I have much more planned with models, I am still aiming to make a "mini game" map. I'm sure the loop de loop could be used there also.

In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08A2IcV6qCo

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@digital-x, That's kinda like what I made for ST. lol. I couldn't get the lights looking like I wanted so I never released it.

Youtube Video

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