I cannot log into Blood Bowl 2

Something must have been messed up when I tried to log in during the server issues. When I try password recovery, it says an email has been sent, but I never receive them. I have been emailing support, but I just got what seems to be an auto-reply:
Thank you for contacting Focus Home Interactive.

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Run Steam.
  2. Click on Steam (upper left) > Go Offline.
  3. Click on RESTART IN OFFLINE MODE button.
  4. Open the File Explorer from the taskbar.
  5. Navigate to Documents > BloodBowl2 > Profiles.
  6. Open the folder with a hexadecimal code.
  7. Open the ManagementLocal folder and delete the ManagementOnline_Prod.db file.
  8. Run Blood Bowl 2 and log to your account.
  9. Once logged, quit Blood Bowl 2.
  10. Click on Steam (upper left) > Go Online.
  11. Click on RESTART AND GO ONLINE button.

NOTE: if you get a Steam - Cloud Sync Conflict notification, click UPLOAD TO STEAM CLOUD from LOCAL FILES.


Focus Home Interactive

That did not work. Can any admins help me, please? I run a league and really need to be able to log back into my account.

I am most unfortunately in the exact same boat. I was logged in when the servers went down yesterday and - not realising, tried to log in, only to get error messages when putting my password in. So I request a password recovery email. Ive requested several resends since again to no avail. My email is clearly on the system because no error message was received. My other emails get errors when I type them in so I know im checking the right one. Over 24 hours now and no email received - even to my spam inbox. I just made the same step in contacting cyanide support directly, so I will try the above but I do doubt it will work in my favour if the above is to be believed 😞

Just when I get on a playoff run, typical...

Ok, this is somewhat bizarre, but as soon as I did this... my password reset emails came through...
I did the above, but then also made a NEW account - as soon as I did this my old account's password recoverys came through... then I just had to find which one was working. (This is whilst I was logged off in offline mode.
To recover my password I went online on steam then booted the game once I had the password recovery email to use.


Can I ask what email service you use, gmail, hotmail, etc.?
Or if you've found a solution?

Thank you.