Dump-off and Bloodlust

Had a game, Dark Elves vs. Vampires and found what I think is either a bug or a VERY WEIRD sequence of actions.

Runner got the ball.
Vampire-coach positioned Thrall as assist and Blood-Lust target.
Vampire-Coach wants to blitz with a Vampire.
Fails Bloodlust.
Blitzing my Runner.
I get the pop-up if I want to use dump-off
I click on dump-off and the player I want to throw

and this is were the bug begins

The biting animation triggers and thrall gets injured
NOW the Block dice are rolled, without the assist dice of the thrall
My runner didn't even throw the ball.

I guess that the dump-off did count as "passing" for the vampire, even if he wasn't passing.

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Had a post about the same thing just below 🙂

Edit: Also suppose that if I had no thrall in there in a similar situation the vampire would have just went off the pitch for the rest of the drive

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