Game crashes when I try to change to Cosmodrome (13.0) - Fixed in 13.1

Tested 5 times.
If I enter the portal from the Amur startmap Urskar River to Cosmodrome, the game crashes.
At this time no problems with the portal to Northern Aegis Installation.

I Use no Mods.
Game Files checked.
First time I get this message (Applicatin has stoped working).

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Same problem, crashes on the loading screen.

Is there any alternate way to get to Charnokamensk other than trough Cosmodrome? I explored Aegis Installation and Urska River but didn't find any Gateway. There is something that looks like a blocked Gateway in the North of Urska River...

Tested with a new PTS game... crashed at loading screen
Tested with copied live game... crashed at loading screen
Tested at an other PC... crashed at loading screen

Anyone who has acces to Cosmodrome & Chernokamensk?

Looks like it's fixed in 13.1 ... I can change to Cosmodrome