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Okey. So find and use a TF3D 3D model. And start from scratch with that. Thanks for the answers.

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apply the armature modifier in the modifier section of each mesh that is going to be moved/fixed

Hey Forces, That did the trick. So much easier to make changes to suspension now. Thanks so much, You're awesome. 🕶

Now if I can just get this coil spring weighting figured out, I can make a nice spring but with my weighting it looks all wonky when I animate it. 😛

I've made some progress on my Bronco. Made some BFG KM2 tires with beadlocks (same as I have on my real Bronco) I also made a little camping trailer, I think it looks cool but it doesn't stay on the hitch very well in rough terrain. It stays on fine just driving around but on rocks and stuff the coupler wanders away from the ball a bit.

Also still having trouble getting my coil springs weighted right so they stretch smoothly without getting all kinked up.0_1529869363510_20180624152846_1.jpg 0_1529869386406_20180624153359_1.jpg 0_1529869412305_20180624153432_1.jpg

looks awesome man, see the trailer constraint code on the trailer maybe it has a offset from the center of the ball hitch and thats why it moves away or check the weight of the trailer that will cause some issues too, it should be over 300kg to work right

@forces said in Blender and STMR:

looks awesome man, see the trailer constraint code on the trailer maybe it has a offset from the center of the ball hitch and thats why it moves away or check the weight of the trailer that will cause some issues too, it should be over 300kg to work right

I tried to figure out the constraint and offset but I'm confused about how it actually works. I guess I just need to keep playing with it until I figure out what parts do what in the .xml file. Does the trailer .xml control this or the add-on section of the truck .xml?
I have the weight set to 500 and the suspension works well.

the trailer xml controls the trailer movement

Hey guys, what's the trick to making shocks/coilovers move right? Mine always look odd when they stretch out.


@justafordguy give the coilovers there own 2 Bones, then you have for one axle 2 top Bones, 2 Bottom bones and a axle bone, I would recommend tattoos tutorial but instead of 3 bones for one axle you use 2 bones,
I hope that it helps a little bit, I have a new laptop so I cant give you an example..

Here is the link to the tutorial:
Youtube Video

Its way more easy then it looks like in my opinion.

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I think that's what I have, each shock/coilover has a top empty/bone and a bottom empty/bone and then I have a front axle bone, rear axle bone, and a center bone. the shocks/coilovers seem to follow their bones on the ends but bend in the middle. I wonder if I just have them weighted wrong?

I'll watch the video and see if it gives me any hint as to what I have wrong. Thanks for the link.

I'm lost in the video because I don't know anything about 3DS max, I wish there was a video showing this stuff in Blender.

IK Spring Tutorial
Youtube Video

reocording the Full IK Overhaul of animations in spintires
IK Shocks
Draglink and Damper
Radius arms
steering wheel

its problably going to be over 1hour long and it covers how to animate them and coding them all

also awesome Bronco man, soon Ill cover how to make Cycles Textures they way i make them to have body lines and rust/dust in areas of the body

Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video, I'm going to watch it right now.

I can't wait to see the next one also, My textures really make my trucks look plain, a little rust and dust would really help. Also I would love to figure out how to make my tires look dirty/realistic. I see a lot of you guys have yours looking so real, It make a huge difference in the overall look of the truck.

@justafordguy textures for trucks? yeah man i can do that right now
edit: once my pc unlocks from Camptasia rendering lol, I can get it today with some of my textures files for reference of dust,dirt and rust

Hey Forces,
I've been through the video several times and I have the shocks fixed in Blender. I built all of the emptys, bones, Damped tracks, and vertex groups and now the animation of my shocks work perfect in Blender but not in the game. Can you share the class.xml file for this video so maybe I can figure that part out?

yeah man

all my IK codes are the same with all mods, this one has some extras like steering damper IK and draglinks

That's awesome, thanks a ton.

With my IK the way it is now the shocks are all out of whack, they are worse than they where before I even had any IK code. 😆

I clicked the link and it said it sent a request for access?

That worked. Thanks a bunch, I'll see if I can figure this out this weekend.

OK, I'm made a little progress. I got the shocks moving up and down with the axle without bending but now they are doing something else odd. I have a shock and a coilover on each side and as I drive around in the game the shock and coilover twist around. The shock is normally in the rear and coilover in the front but they switch position as the suspension moves.

I only have one upper and one lower empty/bone for each side, does the shock and coilover each need their own? And if so each would need their own IK code in the XML?

It seems like most of the twisting happens when the truck moves forward and backwards.

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