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I have noticed a few nonstandard usages of English through playing through Episode 1. For example, there's some kind of disclaimer at launch to the effect that the game "is a fiction". The word "fiction" is an uncountable noun, so it is nonstandard to say something is a fiction in much the same way that is nonstandard to say that there is "a rain" on the ground or that there one has "a money". On the other hand, it would be standard to say that the game were a work of fiction, or that it is fictional. Similarly, I have seen what appear to mixed up words in subtitles and other places, such as "discrete" being used instead of "discreet". It makes little sense for a character to wonder whether another character is discrete, when it is obvious that they aren't a member of a pair of conjoined twins or anything like that.

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Thanks for your message. Where is the word "discrete" used in the game exactly? It would help the team to correct that!

After reading mother's letter on the wharf, Louis says "language", but there's a typo in the subtitles - 'langage'.

By the way, I'm a professional game localization specialist and I really like your game. If you need my service in the future, I'm eager to collaborate.

I have been playing through the game again to try to spot strange things in the subtitles. Here are some of the things I have found:

  • In the "prologue", Louis says something about how all Sarah taught him was that "moto" of hers. Perhaps this should be "motto"?

  • In chapter one, after Louis has his first vision, Duchess Hillsborrow asks Louis whether he is "alright". While this is a common variant, "all right" is usually preferred in published works, and "alright" is only known to go back to middle of the 19th century.

  • Louis seems to be inconsistent with when to capitalize the word "mother". It may make sense to capitalize the word whenever he uses it as a name for his mother, such as, "I need to find Mother soon," or "You are right, Mother," and to use regular sentence case when using it as a common noun, such as, "My mother has gone missing." Similarly, when the servants talk to the guests, they may use "sir" or "madame" as a direct reference, but it doesn't appear capitalized, even though it appears to be used as a sort of proper noun. For example, I would use the style something like, "Yes, sir. We thought that Sir's mother might have been here, since we saw lights, sir." This can vary depending on the usage.

  • There are instances where there are parenthetical phrases that are not set off by commas. I don't remember exactly, but I think Duchess Hillsborrow says something like, "You'll see Louis, everyone knows your mother." She doesn't seem to be implying that the listener will see Louis, so it might be better with an extra pause: e.g., "You'll see, Louis; everyone here knows your mother."

  • Louis thinks to himself that it must be impossible to set foot on Lord Mortimer's island without being seen from "three-hundred meters away". I'm not sure whether the hyphenation is necessary.

  • Between Steps 1 and 2 of the confrontation with Cardinal Piaggi, he says, "Nonetheless, our exchanges have always been discrete and I should like them to remain as such." Perhaps this would be better written as, "Nonetheless, our exchanges have always been discreet, and I should like them to remain as such."

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@Wafflebb Thanks! It's been reported to the team.

Here's a typo in Russian subtitles. It's the ending, where you decide to follow Adams, but quit on her before getting drunk.

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It should be "я решил", not "мне решил".

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The Russian version of the website says "EP2 ДОСТУПНО 15 МАЯ". It should be "ЭП2 ДОСТУПЕН 15 МАЯ".

I found typos in trait names in Episode 2: "Ho-NN-est" and "M-O-thodical".

In Russian version "Fantastic pair" achievement is translated as "Маменькин сынок", which means "Momma's boy" in insulting way. Please change translation. E.g. "Прекрасный дуэт".

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