Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled

Of course i'm waiting some dlc for the game!
News maps /weapons and new chapters of 1st foundation (Ultramarines, etc) would be so great !

Well, it's 7 PM in France and the end of their calendar week. Are we really surprised that there wasn't a more clear announcement on the fate of the Xbox version?

Eggs is eggs!

If the Sony deal was done, then they have fallen to the highest bidder and their souls are forever lost in the warp with the Xbox shipwreck, so maybe it’s taking them longer to spin up a statement the peasants might find more palatable?

Plus it’s Easter 🐣 so we wait for Tuesday...

I thought Streumon tweeted something on the lines of: they’re taking time because they want to be careful about what info they release, to not build false hope and hype (as with the release date etc). However, hyping up/slamming down the Xbox crowd with the latest action-packed trailer was a tasteless and tactless display that lacked any consideration towards Xbox owners. A lot of fans don’t have the luxury of two consoles!

I asked a perfectly straightforward question back in about November 2017 - if there’d be an X1X patch?!
I got completely ignored, then all this shady silent business... culminating in a non-verbal implication or omission at the end of the brand new trailer, after waiting for 4 years including waiting through the long dead silent treatment, that it’s now been cancelled on Xbox!!! 😡

Fair enough! problems occur, cancellations happen, I prefer delays rather than rushed out the door and I’ve always wanted this game to be a success, but your PR for SHDW is terrible! It just incites negativity, mistrust, anger and frustration, or people just get put off and won’t buy your game, or they want their money back. Strange how I’ve emailed Streumon over these 4 years and they've always been very polite and friendly?

What’s the point of ever asking anything anyway coz no one ever answers anything anyway!

Btw, I wrote in the Suggestions and Ideas column many months ago about the lack of consistency with Capital letters of “Adornments” headings and nothing’s been changed. Your recent armour video clip shows me that either: you never bothered to read my suggestion (even though you say you read everything)? or: I’m just stupid which is perfectly plausible as I’m not that great at English.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that if your using capitals for some adornment headings then why not for the “Armour passive adornments” central purple heading? Shouldn’t it be Armour Passive Adornments?

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Numerous people (including the mighty Valrak) since the MK2’s inclusion, have said that the MK2 Bolter needs more Uummph! More meat! I can’t quite make it out properly in the latest video clip, but it seems like nothing has been changed and it still sounds like it’s shooting pips many months after numerous loyal fans try to help you to improve ur game. A couple hours in the sound studio could have likely rectified this, but you don’t seem to listen to anyone or care what they say.

I guess its all subjective at the end of the day, but if numerous people suggest a change then maybe you should listen! Then again, maybe ur funds have dried out, so that’s a shame and I apologise for my anger, but then no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But in November ‘17 you said you were tweaking and polishing, so what exactly have you been doing that’s so top secret all these months?

You’ve proven your word means nothing and you never listen.

So BTW, I remember in some official statements from Streum On, was that the Enhanced Edition was Xbox Controller compatible and had issues with PS controllers, also there was an interview, during some Paris local game show, with Patrick Le Nestour (pardon my French), where they showcased SHDW, I think on Xbox - or on PC but used Xbox controlled. But claimed that Enhanced Edition will be released on all platforms.

I can not give you the source, it was on twitch and it is no longer available unfortunately.

One thing is for sure, those devs do not have an easy life right now with XOne community.

A good bulk of the backlash over the Xbox versions absence is absolutely pathetic really.
Everything from slandering a game they were more than prepared to buy a moment before to hoping the Devs fail and get cancer. It's insane.
Worryingly, most of these people are supposed to be adults.

Not that I don't empathise with the situation, it's a grim position to be in considering how long we've all waited for SHDW but this kinda thing happens all the time, infact Xbox built itself on exclusives. In saying that, theres no explanation or evidence to suggest what the issue is so slinging all this salt around does nothing for no one, as much as people would like to use Sony as a scape goat and continue this eternal "I play games on this so it's the best" flame war, they'd do better to focus that time, effort and energy on something else, like the fact Inquisitor; Martyr is due for a cross platform release on May 11th, if they're that obsessed with a 40K game.

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If their PR department (like so many people have continually emphasised over the months) did their jobs properly, then this backlash could have been avoided or at least tempered.

Their actions or lack of, has resultantly left the mob, as someone put it: ‘twisting in the wind’.
Ultimately, If they’d told people (as many kept continually pleading over the months) what’s going on and where everyone stands, as opposed to, lets say: the Xbox out-of-the-blue shock treatment, then myself and others wouldn’t feel the need to criticise their absolutely pathetic PR practices.

Is it a crime to say they need to sort their PR department out so that future issues can be avoided?


So, because the publishers weren't keen to divulge ambiguous news the developers should fail and get cancer? Disappointment, mob mentally or whatever reason you may or may not come up with, nothing excuses that kind of response. Nothing.
Nobody knows what the issue with the Xbox version even is, so there's no telling if it could have been avoided or if more PR on the issue would have changed anything. Nobody disputes that PR hasn't been great but, unlike many other developers, Streum didn't abandon Deathwing and put effort into making a better which is praise worthy.
Focus haven't been that forthcoming with news in the past until they've been ready so the backlash will get the community no where.

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So, because the publishers weren't keen to divulge ambiguous news the developers should fail and get cancer?

I don’t know where you got that idea from..?!? In an ideal world, people wouldn’t say such nasty things, but the internet is the internet. So, as I stated before: good PR could help to temper these events rather than having them blow up in their faces.

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Guys, let's not get carried away. This was only one of the Warhammer 40K games coming to Xbox this year. There's Inquisitor Martyr and, supposedly, Eternal Crusade coming out as well. From my understanding, both Neocore Games and Behaviour Interactive have some clue as to how to communicate with their followers and they know how to code a game to work on all of the consoles. So we miss out on a game that has failed to deliver on promises and refused to return our calls, would we have fully trusted them to give us a good game, especially after the base game was such a mess? So, let us all stop harassing Focus and remember that our money can be put toward better games.

@milesavius said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:

There's Inquisitor Martyr and, supposedly, Eternal Crusade coming out as well.

You've some serious amount of unwarranted faith if you believe EC is going to land on consoles any time soon, if at all. Not to mention the game is an absolute disaster, thee worst in terms of failing to deliver what was promised.

would we have fully trusted them to give us a good game, especially after the base game was such a mess?

Yes, the reason the game took so long on console is because they didn't want the same reception as they got on PC. They delayed it to fix/improve it, a better practice than releasing a buggy mess then abandoning it, like Spacehulk; Ascension on console.

More then two weeks have pased and there is still no statment. How long it can take?


There has been, a week ago;

"We are sorry to announce that Space Hulk: Deathwing will unfortunately not be released on Xbox One, despite the significant time and effort devoted to trying to rectify code development issues.

We apologize to Xbox One players who were eagerly waiting to exterminate Xenos aboard the Space Hulk. It was a difficult but carefully thought through decision, and we wish to thank our community for their commitment and understanding."


If these lousy few sentences are to be a statement then this is not a statement, it is an insult. Why they have any official website and forum anywey? Apparently the whole communication can be done through some replies here and there on twitter.

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Sadly it looks like that's the best we're going to get

They operate on several mediums and their biggest following is social media. I actually agree that it should have been done here, albeit to some small extent it was but regardless of how it was done, it was going to cause backlash, much of which is completely OTT and unnecessary.
At the end of the day, it is what it is.

I thought Netheos said in Kroyer’s thread: the news comes to this forum the same time as any other social hub (paraphrased). Surely, an official statement befits a place on the official forum does it not?

What I don’t understand is why Microsoft still advertise it and sells pre-order copy and why no store knows about it, ebgames and microplay, because they still sells pre-order and nobody knows about this. Here is a chat transcript I had with a microsoft representative and i don’t think they even knows it has been canceled: 0_1523198532249_AB40746A-DBF7-4D78-8D91-AB43FC397B4D.png