Last night I was spinning my Kislev team (Unlucky Grass Hoppers) of TV 1740 got matched against a chaos team of TV 1100+journeyman (Go for the ball sack) which resulted in a final TV difference at inducement phase of 570.

It seems I was the first one spinning in the pool (it started at 299 seconds) and finally there were 4 teams matched from the pool (other bare-TVs were 1670 and 1410, have not checked for journeymen). When I asked my opponent whether he was waiting long in game-chat, he said, he just started spinning a few seconds before being matched.

I also remember that I bought a blitzer (as one of my other ones was out for the game) after starting to spin, so that might have something to do with that (though I didn't know it could have that effect, if that is indeed the cause of the problem).

All in all, this clearly violates the 500 TV max-difference rule and since all other teams matched in the same pool were in allowed TV-range of my team as well as my opponent's, two 'legal' matches would have been possible instead.