[LE Beta] Major Graphical Bug

This bug was present in the stress test beta build, and still seems to exist in the current beta build.

graphical error

The text size for some of the text in game seems to go super crazy.

Focus Team

Hello, can you give us more info about your display resolution (desktop and ingame), and a dxdiag of your computer please?

Im running on Mac OS X, the native resolution of my desktop is 5120x2880, but the game doesn't like running that high (you cannot click on any of the options on the main screen). This screenshot is from the game at 2560x1440.

Focus Team

Ok, the bug seems to be linked to the "fullscreen" feature that is included in the Mac build.
The dev team is aware of the bug and hope to have it fixed for the release, but I can't promise it yet.

Thanks for the report!

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I just reported this issue in another post, I too am on a mac set a double pixel density resolution. Wierd thing is that this issue is present in the LE Beta but not present when I play with the same resolutions/graphic settings in the current (Vanilla) build of BB2.

I'm not a developer and don't have have knowledge base to draw from but could your team not just copy over the graphic settings from the Vanilla build to LE?

Also if I set the graphic settings to not full screen will that resolve the issue?

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