All progress lost after verifying integrity of game files

Has anyone else seen this? I went and verified the game files to be sure they were all up to date and when I went in to play, a lot of the maps and vehicles are locked again like I just started all over again.
And I didn't have stmod installed.

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sounds like your userprofile.stu in the roaming/Spintires MudRunner cache folder might have been deleted. i did this once by accident with that cache clearing mod. will have to unlock them again it seems. that is the only thing i can think of off hand anyway.

Oh yeah. Good thing I keep a backup of them. 🙂

that happens to me Everytime i either reinstall Or verify the files. it is a pain, because i can't figure out how to load my backup file. so i have to go thru the whole process.

@rufus, yeah, that's screwed up because it didn't do that before.

What I did was, I made a copy of AppData/Roaming/SpinTires MudRunner/ folder just in case of something like this so all my saved games and all are saved. Good thing I did now. lol

tattoo, do you just drop the saved app data folder over the new one that is now there? or is there a more involved way to put the saved info back.

@rufus, Yes, I just dropped in over it and selected overwrite.

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