How to create custom plants/trees etc?

Googled this, but found zero. Anyone know of any tutorials on creating custom plants/trees?

I was interested in creating some deciduous trees for some variety.

Such as:
alt text

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Perhaps the developers could someday release an example plant/tree setup for the community to reference.

Also, an example of an overlay model would be helpful as well.


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@joemama, There was a version that had all the .x files in it that can be imported into Max with that cheesy Xporter from that china site?. You'll have to find em tho cuz the site gone now. You might be able to convert em online now.

I tried a while back, I got some working but had some issues. I know there's a special mesh needs included named _billboard i believe creates the lod billboard for distance renders. Someone made a bunch of palms and stuff in old version I may try as convert them and post them here. There was never an author of the map or anything so no harm no foul right?

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