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I've been running a skaven team in the open ladder and it's been going ok. I've been going without a ROgre for various reasons (mostly to do with big guy related stress). I'm now operating at a higher tv...thinking about chucking in a rat ogre and really going high tv. Even if he just takes hits on defense and mean I put out a fuller team on other drives worth it? Mostly coming up against bash.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of skaven on the open can't see what other people tend to have success with.

You won't find my skaven teams in the COL or on other official leagues, as I don't tend to play there.
But I've just won a 1-minute per turn tournament with skaven and have played skaven for some seasons in the Twitch BloodBowl League from Knights Division up to Emperors.

First, I'd like to say that I fully agree with your ROgre sentiment. Yeah, he CAN put on some hurt, threatens to crowdsurf even - but most of the times just adds an element of burning up RR or straight causing turnovers.
I'd say, that he just isn't useful as a roadblock (as you describe). AV8 for a big guy is just too low. Most of the times he will get hit by other big guys, setting his AV to 7 by default. Not good as a punching bag.
A linerat will do just as fine a job of taking a hit and you can reliably use a RR on it, should the need arise.

I always go for 4 Gutters, 2 Storm Vermin and a thrower, maybe two if you can't handle the team with just one. Rest is linerats, up to thirteen players. One more than I'd like to have TV-wise, but skaven are fragile and the extra won't hurt too much at 50k.
Developing Gutters and Storm Vermin is most important, the linerats can go with kick, dirty player, block or a lucky guard. Foremost they are the cannonfodder to protect your Gutters. Those are your play-makers, trust me.
If you want advice on how to develop the positionals try to find my teams (don't know if you can in BB2 from the top of my head) Ratz of Fame or Angry B34v3rs. Ingame coachname is Wolfskin.

Or just ask in here.

The problem with the ROgre is tha the is most useful early on in the skaven team's life (before the stormvermin get a few skills). But he's hard to afford at that time and still get all the gutters, which are more important to the team's success.

Once you have MB on a stormvermin (or preferably MB and Claw), you don't want to blitz with the ROgre very often. And as CoachWolfskin said he's not a great roadblock for a big guy. So at that point his main benefit is being a target until he is removed from the pitch.

Keep in mind that an induced ROgre is exactly as good as a rookie rostered ROgre, so it actually makes a decent inducement against higher TV teams. Whether he's better than two linerats depends on the rest of your roster and who you are facing, but he's definitely an option.

Yes, I concur with Javelin. But if you can induce a ROgre, you might be able to get a starplayer aswell. There's one with Claw, he's great. 😉

Cheers for replies...makes a lot of sense. I could get two babes and a linerat for same price...

Trouble is my SV keep dying and take a while to skill up. Price you pay for playing in a bashy environment I suppose!

GRs are a work of art...though it almost feels like cheating!

@coachwolfskin said in Skaven advice:

Yes, I concur with Javelin. But if you can induce a ROgre, you might be able to get a starplayer aswell. There's one with Claw, he's great. 😉

That's a great point. In BB1 we didn't have any of the good star players for Skaven, so the Rogre was a good choice. But with Glart at 210 he's better in most ways at only a 30K increase...

@futon If you play in a tournament or competetive Environment, there is nothing you can do but rebuild. Had a SV killed my first game in my first season in the TBBL, so I had trouble winning games. But second seaon onwards I had rebuild and steadily advanced the divisions. Once you get a skaven team going you'd have to have a disastrous streak of losses (deaths/stat downs) to stop you. Even playing with only two or three well developed gutterrunners is still threatening.

If you play in any open format, I'd just advise to re-roll the team, if you loose a SV early on. Many Coaches will also tell you to score with the SV early on to build them. It's more difficult than you'd think, but well worth it if you manage to facilitate your play this way.

@Javelin Absolutely, Glart is a beast. For developing your team in higher TV just focus on your key players and try to Limit yourself to 3 RR maximum, no assistant coaches and no cheerleaders. 13 Players max. Once you hit around 1500-1600 TV and a MA up or AG up on a gutter, most of the time there should be nothing able to stop you from winning your games. Also always have a kick linerat - utilizing blitzes with your gutters is FANTASTIC. Won a game 6:0 that way. Needless to say that I was extremely lucky to get two blitzes in a row and my opponent was not careful enough on his first setup and probably thought a second blitz couldn't happen...

dont be afraid to play the traditional skaven defense. Once a guy is knocked down they stay down so they cant get hit again. They can always jump up and try to make a play if a shot opens. As long as you have a one turn scorer it saves your team a lot of damage.

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