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Greetings, young shaper, and welcome to our second treatise on Guardians - the marvellous creations you will summon on your quest to save our world, Spark, in Masters of Anima.


Your second weapon in this fight is the Sentinel. Bow in hand, they are your primary damage dealers. Spewing anima arrows at foes, the more Sentinels you field the quicker your enemies will go down. They are, however, fragile, with no defensive capabilities at all, and their utility is minimal.

Redoubling that is their Battle Cry, Explosive Shot. This extra-powerful attack is activated like all other Battle Cries, as was explained in the Protector Devblog. It deals an incredible amount of damage, but forces the Sentinel to stand still during its lengthy charge time.

Activate it at the wrong moment and you will see your Sentinels destroyed by incoming attacks before they can fire.

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Stun an enemy with the Protector’s Shield Bash and there’s more than enough time to hit a big Explosive Shot from your Sentinels. Maximising the efficiency of activating one, then the other, while dodging attacks from other enemies and making sure Otto is hitting enemies himself is the true sign of a Master of Anima.

Sentinels also come in groups of four. As your DPS-focused Guardians, it’s vitally important you make sure that any casualties are replenished, first by returning a damaged squad to anima, then resummoning it as a full team. This is faster and more efficient than waiting for a squad to be completely destroyed and is as simple as a couple of button presses.

Sentinels do have some uses outside of direct combat, being the only Guardian able to hit targets outside of melee range.
Be this a floating corruption crystal or an anima target placed high on a wall that must be infused with energy to progress, Sentinels will be your go-to.

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How will you use the Sentinel? Stacking your army will lead to faster kills, but if you can’t control them properly, it’s a dangerous way to live. The choice, as ever, is yours, Shaper. Utility Guardians, like the Keeper which we will see next week, are extremely useful for shifting a fight in your favour - but their damage is non-existent. The choice, as ever, is yours, Shaper.

Masters of Anima comes to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 10th, 2018. Learn more at

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