workshop map support public beta


At the moment, a public Beta is available on Steam for testing the Workshop Map support in Spintires: MudRunner!

To access, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click Spintires: MudRunner in your Steam library.
  2. Click "Properties" and then "Beta"
  3. From the drop-down menu, select public_beta.

After that you will get access to the public beta.

Important information for modders: if you edited the game files manually, the update will overwrite them, and you may encounter performance and stability issues. Be sure to back up your files before upgrading.

Workshop map support is going to be a nightmare... Files shared by multiple maps will end up overwritten if they remain shared, or if it keeps all files for each map separated the directory is going to end up being massive and full of duplicate files... Alternatively if custom objects are simply removed from the Workshop uploads and/or we're limited to stock assets a lot of really good maps will never make it to the Workshop to begin with... I'll let a few others be the guinea pigs on this one until we get an idea of how it's going to play out

@mexican_420 easy solution would be that only the map that is currently played/selected is loaded into the media folder/caches.

kinda like i do with maps currently, copying them in and out with JSGME. but what do i know about easy solutions 😃

@mexican_420 I would imagine they may use the same method as with they do with the trucks, i.e. using a renaming system along with a strings xml to avoid that.

About time. I like the idea of having the original maps available to play.Just tried the Volcano.Same but different! Please add the other original maps.

Theres like 2 maps in the steam workshop right now? is it a go and working finally?

Cool to see this going into beta testing finally!
I'm just worried, will the workshop maps be only
''normal maps'' meaning just the .DDS and .STG file ?

Because if "custom maps" will be supported too....
There will be all the folders like
classes, meshes, levels, textures and maybe more.

Until today I still see custom maps being uploaded with an
overflow of files that are not needed at all, for example
classes > cameras
'' > daytimes
.XML files

What I mean is that makers/uploaders include original game files
which we already have instead of uploading only their custom assets.

As for reading this thread for ~5 min I came up with two solutions:

  1. Someone going to make "resourse bank" at workshop. It is somewhat standartized in content and is required to be downloaded separately. Other modders will use it while creatin own maps. Like it's done for "Serious Sam Fusion" - there's exist few "resourse packs" - either monsters, weapons or world objects, which are required to installed i order to play custom maps. Steam Workshop already implemented pop-up window which says required mods to download for playing current one.
    This solution can be quite space-efficient if downloading lots of maps, but need lot of things to do on workshop side. As for installing X to play Y - people in here rather used to it :).

  2. Each map comes with own "pack" file - game has to pre-load resources from it like it does from own archives. Just need certain rework on game's structure to not mess up things and force clean up.
    This solution is risking to take too much space because cumtom resorces are likely to be dublicated.

The beta is for custom maps in singleplayer only? Cant select them for multiplayer, will this be possible after the official release of the version with workshop map support?

IDK, but because files of trucks on WS are gibberish anyway, reanming all files of map same way shouldn't be problem. For trucks it works well as a prevention of interference.
But because I like save resources if possible, I like your idea with "resource packs", diskspace is resource as well, so why not save it?
Problem with this solution I see on the side of creators. This solution basically means handing over your custom objects to public database and anyone may use it now.

  1. not everybody is happy if somebody else use his model (this forum provides enough evidences)
  2. I've seen few models from other games in here (and previously ST), for example STALKER is popular source. For legal reasons that could be problem as well, if mixed into database...

Does Workshop Map support mean that we will get a scrollable map menu?

@kingpinn It IS scrollable. Check out beta version.

@Sodoma 1. This is strictly on creator's volition: if resource pack is published – then this is automatically mean permission. Also if people start using these packs for mapmaking - credits is given by installing required RP. Similar was with tracked vehicles in OldTires - you likely seen who made that ST+.

Still, people may create conflicting packs by/or stealing each other's, I'm not excluding this possibility. Solution for this may be "community resourse pack" compiled on this very forum (on different section though) and updated under supervision of people involved (creators, CMs). This way all parties will be sure about all permissions, contributions and credits given. Yes, it will be headache, but couple buckets of vitriolic salt less in long term.

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Yes, I was speaking about one "huge" resource pack, rather than small ones for each map...
By me, The most elegant solution...

@deadwanderer Thanks for the confirmation. I generally tend not to play beta releases as I prefer waiting for the final product, hense why asked the question.

This is awesome news though.

You could also use some form of double tiering the addons. You have, say, a community pack in the Media folder which applies to all sub folders, and map specific items which are held in map-named folders inside the Levels folder. A map level item overrides all the others.