We have a private league with 11 human teams and one AI team. In Day 1, the human player crashed during his game vs the AI team. As league commissioner, I'm now unable to validate or reset the match.

The Schedule screen shows a 0-0 score, but the match date shows as "Date_1"
On the Match Management window, there are no options to select a management action. If I go to "Advanced management," there is a warning at the top of the screen that, "This match came to an end with the abandonment of the $TEAM team. The opposing team will thus receive both sets of winnings" I can choose event types, but trying to select a team, choices are blank.

If I click "Done" on the Match Management window, I get the message, "Operation cannot be completed: invalid status," I am taken back to the Match Management screen, and nothing changes.

I asked the player to log in again after the crash, nothing resolved.

League: Bloodweiser Homicide Inv
Competition: Plague Season 3
Match: Wolfheeze (Human) vs Uncanny Tentacles (AI)