"Kicked from Server: Anti-Cheat Violation"

What happened: https://youtu.be/7zA6srVcluE

  • My questions:

What has caused this?
Will I be banned for jumping through windows?

  • What might have happened:

I do have some pretty bad internet. On average its 1-4mb/s, with a LAN cable. But it's playable and I have never had an issue like this while playing. In the past during the days of Minecraft, I did get "Kicked, flying is not allowed" or whatever the message was due to my connection, but that was also due to me having an upload that was in the kb/s range, with a 1mb max.

I am making a post here, because I don't want the possibility of a ban, I love this game. So any feedback would be pretty great.

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Funny enough, it has done it a second time. As in, just now (5/6/21, 3:33 am Central.)

I am trying to see if my instant replay has gotten it.

is this ok now? i have the same problem like this

I have the same issue. But I dont have any problems with my internet connection, it has to be something related to the new update. It always says " Anti-cheat violation" which doesnt make any sense because the game is supposed to run the anti-cheat every time I open it... I cant even play because I get kicked out every match...


"Anticheat Violation" is printed by the EAC itself detecting something interfering with its service, the executable or the game itself in a manner which blocks the EAC.

If it would not be running there's a timeout message instead.

I am getting the anti-cheat timeout error. Can no longer play.