Possible cheat ?

Hello, new to the game, in my third multiplayer game my opponent got disconnected and when he went back his troll had 'really stupid' removed which was giving me a possible sack and he could reroll a bad block. It seems really fishy, is this just terrible luck or can/should i report it ?


Probably just luck. Without seeing the replay and the exact order of events it's hard to be certain, but Really Stupid can get removed when the Troll is reactivated, and Loner is only 50% to not be able to use a reroll.

No, he just rolled the really stupid this turn, then got a bad roll on a black orc block (skull + both down), disconnected before choosing the dice result.
Since he got 2 injuries and one KO on my AV9 guys on the first 2 turns i had a terrible first half (on offense), the score was 0-0, the troll and the black orc out of the way was giving me a free 2 dice sack, and then almost open field, it was really game changing.

When he got back, the troll had no really stupid and he could reroll the block (without using team reroll). So it is either a bug and i'm really really unlucky on how it turned out, or this is some kind of cheat that allows to rewrite some events.

This is what it looked like:


The really stupid doesn't appear in the replay when i go backwards in time, i can see it fine when i let the replay go forward. This could really well be just a bug with the replay feature. But whether or not the troll had really stupid after the re-connection i couldn't see it and he definitely had a tackle zone in my client.


In any case the black orc got his free reroll.

It was 0-1, so worst than what i remembered but i had a shot at a draw with that sack.

Is it possible you misremembered the troll being stupid?

The guy disconnects exactly before he has to choose an unfavorable blocking results, then when he reconnects, he is able to re-roll. That sounds really fishy, like a bug which is already known to narrow part of community and is abused. Worth investigating.

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@dode74 He disconnected for almost the full 5 minutes and done almost all his moves so i had more than the time to plan my next turn. The troll being stupid was a really important part of it, i wouldn't have just forgot it once he reconnected.

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Focus Team

Hello, is a replay available on the Cabal TV?
What's the name of the 2 teams?

@focus_guillaume How do i know if it is available ? It was played in the Open league, 'La bande de AAZHAG' (my opponent) vs 'Drunk boyes'.

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