Please enable steering when engine stalled

Please fix this up as it makes zero sense.

If you happen to tip your truck passed that arbitrary point where the engine stalls and will not restart, you cannot turn the wheels to help right yourself.

There is absolutely no reason for steering to not work in this scenario. Sure power steering might be off, but manual turning always works.

Is there a logical explanation for this behavior?

Why does the engine cut out immediately anyway? Shouldn't it have some run time before it suffocates and dies?

Same with the winches. I understand that a lot of the stock trucks likely use hydraulic winches (No running engine means no running hydraulic pump) bit there are tons of powerful electric winches on trucks IRL that require nothing more than some juice in the battery to operate...
And we still don't have working mirrors either... LMAO
Trust me, dude, this dev team gives zero focks about what the community wants. Welcome to Spintires v1.5.....

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Try to turn the steering wheel of a truck which engine is not running... in most cases you won't be able to turn the wheels....

You need to hit the gym, bruh lol
Even my skinny ass can still turn wheels without power steering (at least in a car or pickup, never tried on a larger truck like those in the game because none around here, so I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt on that at least). Sure it isn't easy, but it absolutely can be done. 🙂

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When I use the word truck I mean such an old Soviet 6x6 ore 8x8 ..

There's lot of memes and legends about real life C255 a.k.a. KrAZ-255 and it's relatives.
One of them include that when power steering on truck is malfunct, driver have to place feet on dashboard to steer that thing. Or even need help of passenger if one happen to be present there.

I see people from overseas forgetting that game has 60s–late 80s mass produced, mostly military, SOVIET trucks (6x6, 10+ metric tonnes of curb weight), which mean that they are likely lacking a lot of fancy stuff that are mundane for Americas and West Europe.

Since they would be hydraulic steering it's damn near impossible to turn with engine off. And in real life a diesel laying on its side usually starts sucking it's crank oil and will run away so shutting them down quickly is a good thing

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XBOX One MR - I'm sure the steering works without engine running... mind you that is with the truck on it's wheels...

DeadWanderer - I agree, but I would have thought that the steering would be geared low enough, requiring many turns on the huge steering wheel from lock to lock, to be able to steer... at least whilst the truck is moving..

Maybe they could add a line something like "HydraulicSteering="true"" to alow us to dictate if the steering can be easy to turn with no engine power?

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I swear you used to be able to steer vehicles in this game without the engine running. And recently that changed. Like prior to the latest game version. It struck me as totally odd that I wasn't able to other day. I clearly remember being able to. Maybe I'm imagining things. Or maybe it's that goddamn Mandela Effect again. It'd be pretty hard to convince me I'm wrong about it though. I've got over 600 hours of play time in this game. You'd think I'd know what's going on with it by now.

No vehicles in this game would have fully hydraulic steering systems IRL. That's ridiculous. And aside from purpose built OFFROAD ONLY vehicles intended to be driven solo on closed courses with no risk of injury to fellow motorists...pretty much no vehicles IRL have fully hydraulic steering systems.

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As I was reading the first bit of your post, the Mandela Effect is exactly what popped into my head too... Not something I probably paid a huge amount of attention to, but I'm pretty sure you're right about it being a recent issue as I recall spending unnecessary amounts of time rocking the front wheels (prior to electric winches being an option in STMod) trying to roll a given truck just far enough to get it to start so I could use the vanilla winch to roll it back into all fours...

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@mexican_420 Well...I was right. And...I was wrong. I was right that you used to be able to. And I was wrong that you can't do it anymore. You still can. It appears to be linked to the vehicle position parameter that causes the engine to stall. Meaning, if the vehicle is in a position that the engine could be running you can steer. Even if the engine isn't running. Which is even stupider IMO. You can steer without the engine running. But not if the vehicle is too far tipped(or fully rolled) over. Like somehow the steering would ever lock up based on that. Retarded...

BTW, I guess I'll have to call my own BS on the "no vehicles in this game would have fully hydraulic steering IRL" statement. There's one that most certainly would(and does). The K-700. The rest though...nope. Even the 8x8s only have hydraulically-assisted (a.k.a. power) steering IRL.

So I just used the winch to roll my JK into it's side/roof and the wheels still turn even with engine stalled...?

regardless of all the real electric winches etc... IMO this is a game balance issue. if you could winch a flipped vehicle it would make the maps way too easy. The fun in this game is rescuing trucks that have flipped etc...

This is likely true when it comes to the vanilla game, but a lot of user maps only have a spawn area for 1 truck, and it's difficult to rescue 1 rolled truck with the 0 remaining trucks... hehe

Game's motto used to be "Don't get stuck!".

At the risk of stating the obvious and I know this can vary from vehicle to vehicle, most heavy duty winches and almost all purpose built pre-integrated winches are run off the gearbox and NOT electric. Therefore if you can't start the engine, you can't operate the winch. That's why you take a backup vehicle.

I'm also surprised that in one hand, people complain about the game being over too quickly and in the other, they are complaining that there are features that make it difficult to complete.

There's nothing more frustrating that losing a vehicle on the wrong side of the map. But part of the challenge is figuring out how to save it with whatever you have left. Try doing the same thing without allowing yourself the freedom to easily 'quick switch' between vehicles on the map but using only the on screen menu and you realise how far away you are from help. Oh crap I'm out of fuel. The game is as challenging as you want to make it for yourself

Too true. I was "assisting" in a multiplayer Deluge on hardcore. I say assisting because I let the current get the better of the C4310 with garage trailer and the combination went over..crap! 💩 💩 Fortunately the big e7310 was available on the map. Still took me a good 10 minutes or so positioning and re-positioning the 8x8 so it didn't get swamped too. Managed to winch the other truck to safety then to the garage. 💪
..and the host didn't exit the server so the map was completed YAY! 😁

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