How do I create those circles on my map?0_1522095725678_20180326152035_1.jpg

@percymarina Use the 'locator' and name them what you like (the ID field)
0_1522108660960_Screenshot (1175).png Like this one.

The "hide/show/enable/disable all spawn locators" option in STMod shows the circles where trucks are that would normally be hidden/locked.

@joridiculous, Thanks man. I didn't know that either. Worked fine.

@tattoo I stumbled upon it while working on a map. Was trying something and used the Locator and gave i a 'number' to see if it did what i wanted..
It didn't. But i saw it was a neat way to "fast travel" where you want on the map when editing.

I put as you say in the editor, but in the game does not appear.


@percymarina Maybe you need to use 'SpintersMod' to see them.

thank you friend you were right, I had the spintiresmod but it was not activated.


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