What does the word on the fuel tankers mean please?

alt text

Obviously a warning, but does it say FLAMMABLE? EXPLOSIVE? DIESEL? NO SMOKING? ☠ 💀 🤕

and how would I pronounce the word in Russian?


It does mean Flammable but in russian its not a direct translation of 'Flammable'.

Apparently the literal translation would be firely dangerous. lol..

I'm not Russian, but I beleive its OGNEOPASNO in roman characters which sounds like og-nee-ah-pas-nah.

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Thanks! Firely dangerous! I love that. I think the phrase should be implemented on all UK warnings which apply. 👍 😝

@kingpinn i'am russian and you absolutely right - it's mean "Firely dangerous". And pronounced like "ogneeopasno" - copy it in google translate and press "pronounce" button.

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@dvoryaninoff thank you for confirming that. the litteral translations from Russian to English are often comical!

Another thank you for the confirmation, Dvoryaninoff. 🕶

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