MudRunner - March Community Update


Hello MudRunners!

It's that time again, where we sit down and let you know what's currently going on in MudRunner, and what you can expect. In this monthly updates, we plan to give you more context on what is coming in the near term of the game, and give you some things to look forwards to!

To start, PC players may be aware that we're currently running a public beta for adding map modding tools to the PC version of the game, and allowing players the ability to upload their maps for easy sharing on the Steam workshop.

Depending on how this beta goes, we plan to release this update, which would introduce full map modding tools to the PC version of the game, in early April. Please make sure you try it out if you're playing on PC, your feedback is infinitely valuable!

You can find out how to access the public beta here.


In the longer term, we have a little bit of news for you!

We were very happy with the reception that The Valley received when it released in February! It was the first DLC for MudRunner, and introduced not only a new map, but three new vehicles.

We're really pleased that this sort of content resonated with the community, and we're currently working on a similar update, that we plan to show you all properly in the next month or so. This will, of course, be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We'll have more news on what this will contain, what it's called, and all that good stuff in the near future!

As was stated in the February community update, we are continuing to work on MudRunner USA (work-in-progress title), and we're working on having that out this year. Pretty obviously, this will be set in the United States, and with a huge part of the MudRunner community being based in the US, we'd like to show some support with some more familiar vehicles.

We are continuing to explore what options we have to add mods to the console versions of MudRunner. We thank modders for their contributions in helping us make MudRunner the best game it can be, but as always, we don't have any concrete plans to implement mods at this time. We continue to look into the possibility to introduce our favourite mods to the console versions of MudRunner as DLC.

Finally, there is still work happening on the Nintendo Switch version of MudRunner. We don't have much more to say about this right now, but it is coming, and we'll have more news about it in the future!

Thanks, and we'll talk to you soon!

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Dear spintires mudrunner developers
For your future developments, maybe you can pick up where the original game developers somehow FORGOT their own promises.
Here in this link you will see some of the IMPORTANT aspects missing.

Besides the simple minded oriented roaming like drunk flies, some of the "gaming" content is somehow not developed by anyone, to create the actual game,.

If you scroll down you will see a list of things like SKILLS, buying parts, discovering secret crates, bonus skill points, customizable addons, etc..
THIS IS THE GAME CONTENT, not adding new maps or trucks, and doing the same retarded roaming around.
Once you win a map on hardcore with all the 1* vehicles in the worst self imposed restrctions, and doing the fastest times possible, there is literally no interest for any normal human being.

Thank you
And please do develop this game to it's full potential.
If you want contanct me and I can create what is missing

Thank you, no interesting news for the console versions.

Always the same sentence for mods. Say it seriously one time, that you do not want to see the mods on consoles. It will go faster.

In short, the console versions are dead, thank you.


Hi Mike!

You may have missed it in the above post, but we actually announced a new DLC for MudRunner on consoles, and will be talking about it more in the near future 🙂

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@joridiculous Hi there!

I definitely plan on giving a little warning here - don't worry 🙂

@Iyagovos yes you stated that there was some new DLC coming...that is in no way form or fashion mods for console. Nice try on convincing us though, but it’s a dud 100%. We are talking constant mods/mods menu...look at FS17, Fallout 4 and Skyrim just to name a couple of games. DLC are “okay” but when you think of how this game became’s wasnt because you drive around and gathering logs and finishing the game in about 2hrs or less. Mods are what made this game. “No concrete plans” can be misconstrued as you may have some sort of plans...instead of giving some false hope just give a straight yes or no answer. Question: “Do y’all have any plans to add mods/mod menu into ST:MR for console?” Answer: “No” it’s that easy.

Might as well have not even mentioned console. Theres np updated news no one didn't already know about. And agreed about mods, just say yes or no. Rip the bandaid. No one really cares if you bring mods anymore. The hope is lost.

US version is slightly promising, but we will see how it does. And it should be 100% free add on.

@Iyagovos You guys plan to make more assets so all maps don't feel the same? Would be nice if you model some new buildings or houses or maybe abbandoned factories, idk. Something to make new maps like originals.

Muddrunners USA be dlc for the Xbox one version of spintires muddrunner or is it a whole new game? I hope it’s dlc for the current game out. I’m excited it’s coming and hope you put Jeep Grand Cherokee and other jeeps in it.

I hope muddruners USA is dlc for the current Xbox one game. Is it dlc or a whole new game your making?

@glockcoma Hi, in the main body of the post, we say that we do not have plans to put mods on console at the moment.

@mudrunnerr50 This is the first time that we have announced a new DLC coming soon 🙂

Thank you 4 keeping us up to date.

As I wrote in the technical area:

Please add a feature to reduce the general strength of the steering wheel on PS4 (maybe on XBOX and PC too)
I know there is no force feedback in planning. Driving with steering wheel is awesome in this game, but my Thrustmaster T150 is breaking turn movements with full force and after some time my arms get tired and will hurt.

A feature to shift gears with the paddles would be awesome too (you can't drive ans switch gears with controllers right stick simultaniously)

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I'm liking the consistent communication from the devs here, looking forward to what comes in the future.

As for feedback for the beta I'll have to think about more stuff but to start:

-I'd really like is to get views from the left AND right, of all the trucks at all times, Ideally a way to do this with custom keys or a way to cycle them all thru the existing key on the gamepad (left dpad). I'd be ok with using up dpad for advanced mode and using down dpad for even more exterior views.

eg: DPAD UP - advanced mode
DPAD LEFT - the same as current, back left, then front left view
DPAD DOWN - back right, then front right view
DPAD RIGHT - same as current, trailer view

-On a somewhat related note there is no way for me to change key bindings on my controller, That would be very much appreciated so I could move stuff around or disable a key when trying to do a challenge (like the nav map achievement)

-also curious to whether cross play will be possible, might be too much of a challenge but fortnite has it and i'd love to be able to play from PC to my sisters husband who is getting it on the switch when it comes out.

Don't let the haters get to you, even as someone who has played the original spintires, I have over 40 hours and still have like half the maps to finish one star hardcore. the multiplayer brings replayability and I really love the game. I have got my moneys worth AND some more. I appreciate that you are trying to say you are improving the console version without giving concrete timelines and dates, I know that is always a challenge to meet those deadlines when you self impose them like that so I respect you guys for keeping it open. I have faith in you guys keep it coming!!


I saw nothing else besides the mudrunner usa.

But no date, except one 'in 2018' was announced.

It's been 6 months that you said look for the addition of mods, but no concrete advance. Focus with fs17 has been successful, ask them for help ...

If the game on pc, continues to be played, it is only thanks to its community of modders.

So yes, waiting for the dlc usa, the console game is beautiful and dead. It's not the dlc the valley that will make us stand, 3 vehicles rather average and a map.

Sorry for my poor english.

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Thanks for the update! Looking forward to getting back on this awesome game when new content drops!

@michael305 said in Spintires: MudRunner - March Community Update:

I hope muddruners USA is dlc for the current Xbox one game. Is it dlc or a whole new game your making?

If they drop this (Mudrunner USA) as a separate title instead of a DLC for existing Mudrunner, I can see an international class action suit shortly thereafter... 😉