MudRunner - March Community Update

Thanks for the hard work and the monthly updates, any chance you can give us a idea when the Nintendo switch version will release? Are we talking summer, fall, Holiday/winter? Thanks again.

also multiplayer beta does not allow workshop maps to be selected, is this feature planned? can there be a 1 button map download like there is with the truck mods currently

Dear MudRunner

Firstly, thank you for bringing an awesome game onto the XBox. I was getting so bored with the usual franchise re-release that MudRunner is truly a breath of fresh air and I'm totally hooked to a point far beyond any game to date. I'm on this forum as proof!

I have to say I was very surprised by the huge difference of opinions here. By looking in more detail, I can begin to understand why some of your original fans feel somewhat let down, especially after donating and not seeing much new content but that's said now.

I also appreciate and understand you are in this business to make money, so I don't expect to see console mods any time soon as they would just stop customers buying later versions. I also don't understand this pre-occupation with 'American trucks'. I can appreciatethe game for what it is without having to see my own car there. This isn't Forza after all. I actually love the good ol' down and dirty feel of the russian hardware, sounds of the engines and rumble are perfect. Still, each to their own.

Adding a few extra maps sooner than later would be great, although I appreciate they may need testing. I know you guys are on this though so I'm not pushing but I would say please, don't just stop at two more once the bottom row is full. Why not surprise your fans and drop a few on them at a time. After all, you have a bunch of them available for free. It would take little effort to double the map number keeping fans happy and busy for no extra licensing costs, unlike new models of vehicle, which add little to game play and longevity. The people whining to have their Jeep or Land Rover available will bore of the game shortly after anyway. I could happily manage just with the trucks we already have, as long as there was a regular supply of new or interesting map challenges. Although I'm not one for releasing unfinsihed games, I would be more than happy with more regular 'preview maps' being available on console, eg you can get away with saying 'these community maps are in the process of testing and approval by our team but we add in advance to support our fans. Feel free to report glitches on our forum with [bugfix feature suggestion] GPS coordinates'.

What I WOULD like to see, and sooner rather than later, is addressing some of the more painful existing glitches that affect gameplay and enjoyment today, and no doubt would need addressing for later versions anyway. I would like to highlight in a rough order of preference.

  1. Multiplayer lobby UI fix and tweak: Bug report moved to correct forum section. Adding a 'casual/hardcore' filter, a 'don't show full games' filter, and an 'order by ping time', would be perfect, but please, at least fix the lobby so that we have enough time to find and join the game we want.

1.5) [edit] Collision toggle. Please see my other forum post, but in summary, the ability to toggle collisions on/off in-game per player to stop trolls from coming in and spoiling your multiplayer experience, especially frustrating on the more difficult maps and challenges.

  1. There are many multiplayer synchronisation items I could mention but for me the big one to fix would be headlights. If you are playing co-op, your buddy should be able to light the path ahead for you, or illuminate the back of your truck whilst loading. It takes away a lot from the game when you are playing with other people but these real world effects are missing. Other peoples tracks affecting your map would be nice for realism too, but maybe only for hardcore so as not to overstress the casual players. Or hey, why not have a few tick boxes in game options? [edit] I read somewhere else that this is difficult with the current game engine but still, I think it needs to be looked at. I can understand mud, but if you can render another truck, you must be able to render some kind of light object, no?

  2. On longer runs, the throttle kills me. But select cruise control on and you lose the ability to move the camera. I would love for this control issue to be addressed.Also switching from 1 to 1+ on console is horrible and fails maybe 3 out of four times. On the bigger trucks where you need to be quick, this is soooo frustrating.

  3. Similarly, I seem to switch to cockpit view at the worst of times, usually because I press down on the control stick when over excited or under stress. The last thing you need just as you are about to roll over or hit a tough patch is to change the camera view. I would be so happy for this to be fixed. Or even have some kind of 'safety' like a 'two button' select (eg push left stick AND THEN left bumper), would mean you would rarely if ever switch by accident. If this would seem confusing to a new user, then again, adding as a game option would be fantastic, once you get good enough to realise it's annoying as hell šŸ˜‰

  4. Working rear view mirrors was mentioned in the original and would be a nice to have, so you could tell if your buddy was still behind you, but I can live without. Again with his headlights showing for when he flashes you would be nice, Again, I now notice that this was mentioned as problematic because f the game engine so fair enough, but still, it doesn't make it a bad idea.

  5. A slightly 'nicer' cockpit dashboard is overdue, and at the risk of sounding shallow, just looks badly implemented next to the rest of the game with its great graphics. I see a lot of people have looked at this in mods, so again, it shouldn't be a long reach to improve. I appreciate you are going for readability, but to be honest, when I'm in cockpit view I'm not looking at dials, I'm looking out the window. Only the compass and the transmission indicators matter. the rest I can feel. Don't kill yourselves for realism but come on, you can make a less ugly overlay with a little more detail and apply it to the next patch for very little effort.

There are a fewer others I could mention, generally around controls (customisable would be nice?) but I don't want to over do it. I mention items I think SHOULD and CAN be addressed in the short term with little effort to improve the usability (especially multiplayer!) and enjoyment for all.

I really hope you read this and consider my comments. In the meantime, well done and thanks for a really really great game. Looking forward with fingers crossed for the NEXT community update. I know new markets mean more money and you're doing this to pay for the rent too, but PLEASE assign some dev resource on at least fixing the multiplayer lobby issues on xbox sooner rather than later, because currently it literally acts as a barrier to playing a part of the game that actually seems to work fine otherwise. After that, consider some of the 'low effort, quick win' items to show your very passionate commnity that you are paying attention to they comments and concerns.

Thanks again!

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Myself and a couple of my friends on the Playstation are loving this game, it's brilliant.

Thanks. I just bought the game on sale today for Xbox. So I hope this USA rummers are true and it will be a great add on for the game. Iā€™m sure we will get more info at e3.

I hope for more improvement, this game is very interesting
Suggest a few (may not be useful!)

  1. Develop new cars (eg Volvo, Scania, German MAN dump trucks)
  2. Carrying diversification (sediments, rocks, coal mines, bricks, gasoline, etc.)
  3. Cockpit rearview mirror
  4. Weather impact
  5. Bigger map

No offense, but if this is all you're going to do every month, then I'm done playing. I know it's a newer game for consoles and I know you say there are improvements coming but every monthly update is a huge disappointment. You can't throw in a new vehicle or two to hold us over while you guys develop other things? This game barely has any content to play, I've played every map 3 times, drove every vehicle, beat every challenge and bonus objective, and now have nothing to do. Now I have to wait a year for USA content because you're making a version for a device I will never own. I own an xbox one, I couldn't care less about Nintendo Switch. Also you have given us false hope it seems regarding mods. Why can't you do mods? There's plenty of technology to do it, so why not? Forgive my frustrations here but you guys will lose a huge following if you don't give us something better, and soon.

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Zoglet - well said! You must be the twin brother I never had! šŸ•¶

Whilst having pickup trucks & SUVs would be nice, especially if there's a Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 option šŸ˜‡ you need appropriate maps to go with those smaller vehicles: The terrain depicted in parts of the current MR maps would eat most stock jeeps etc. alive.

RyGuy - I suppose the only thing left is help randoms out on multiplayer, that can be fun, sometimes.

@difflock66 Yeah that's what I've been doing but the lobby menu is absolutely terrible for finding matches and I've had several hosts leave mid game now... not a fan unfortunately. I really want to love the game but it's getting old fast. I'm ready to buy a PC lol.

People need to get over console mods. Consoles just aren't made for mods. There are good reasons almost no console games support them. It's unfortunate but that's just how it is.

@ryguy Hi there,

As was mentioned in the post above, we are currently working on a similar DLC to The Valley.

@iyagovos If it's just a regular map with a couple new trucks then it won't take but a day to exhaust any fun with that too. The Valley being free was a pleasant surprise, but honestly, it's one of the smallest DLC packs I've ever seen for a console game. It added 1 day of gameplay and then it was boring again. I'm not trying to just be a debbie downer, I'm just trying to be honest. The next "DLC" might be too little, too late....

@lombra You do know that a console is just a PC right? I'm sure if they can do it for one PC, they can do it for all of them. Consoles aren't something special, they're just slow computers with heavy restrictions. Stop acting like mods are some impossible feat, it's not.

Guys, please...
This was already here several times already ( for example)
Don't start another round PCvConsole war again and especially not at pinned topic like this, please...

@ryguy You think it's a coincidence that practically no console games have mod support then? You said it yourself; heavy restrictions.

@lombra Right but if people can hack into their consoles and mod that way, then why can't a developer figure out how to make the game work that way too? Just make it a more restrictive modding if need be. It can be done.

That's equivalent to recommending that people just steal a car instead of buying one... Just because it CAN be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be...

@mexican_420 That's the worst analogy I've ever heard. Nope, it's not like that at all, sorry. We're on totally different pages, and I would just avoid replying to me at all if you can, I'll do the same for you. Thanks. Have a good day.