MudRunner - March Community Update

Anyone complaining about the Valley map DLC should consider making a map of their own. Or do what I did and watch some YouTube tutorials on how this is done. Then go back and run through the map again. Just because you can drive across it in five minutes doesn't mean it took five minutes to design, create, test, tweak, retest, run for playability, fix areas that break the play, retest, have more coffee, call the wife and tell her you won't be coming home tonight, retest, realise you forgot to add log litter, get upset, add waaaaaaaaay too much log litter, realise you still have nine more trucks to test the map with, drink more coffee, read forum posts, have a little cry, add more log litter to get back at forum posters, eat that last slice of cold pizza, wonder why you didn't take that DBA job, retest, etc...

Just because you can walk past a painting with a glance up and down, doesn't mean it didn't take months to paint. Maybe you didn't appreciate it. Appreciate the months of effort that it took to create what you finished in a weekend. The customer rarely works as hard as the developer.

Alternatively stfu and try doing better yourself. Seriously. The tools are there for you to try. Maybe then you'll appreciate how long it takes. If you can, feel free to share with the community. It might be the next DLC and the dev can finally have a weekend at home with the wife.


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@zoglet Am I supposed to feel bad for someone for doing their job? I was in the military, 2 tours as airborne infantry, I know hard work. Must be nice to work in an office drinking coffee with the ability to call your wife. We did not have that luxury overseas, so do not preach to me about developers working hard. I do not care. I do appreciate what they have made and that's the only reason I still play, I have been exploring every inch of every map actually, so how's that for appreciation? Only reason I'm on here is because I'd really like to see this become a big game, the stuff on there so far is terrific, just not a lot of stuff. I'm not trying to insult anyone, nor start stupid forum fights lol. I'm just gathering opinions from a lot of sources and speaking how a lot of people feel so the devs know. That's all.

@ryguy Your army experience and knowledge of hard work didn't seem to give you a sense of humour or much empathy, moreover, does not seem a factor in recognising that map creation is significant work effort, they don't just come out of nowhere. You are mistaken if you thought I am preaching to you or anyone in particular. It's good to hear that you appreciate the work they have done, as do I. My comments were meant as a response to anyone making general subjective statements on topics they may not have significant experience in. This doesn't have to be you. We can both agree that we are keen to see the game become successful, I guess I'm of the opinion that this can be done better with more informed and objective criticsm.

Anyway, I'm glad you say you are not looking to start stupid forum fights. I also have little interest in doing so, so on that point, all the best to you and yours.

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@ryguy You think it's a coincidence that practically no console games have mod support then? You said it yourself; heavy restrictions.

The restrictions come from microsoft and Sony etc. Not the hardware. Huge fail.

I will admit I'm a bit impatient too, sorry.

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@glockcoma Hi, in the main body of the post, we say that we do not have plans to put mods on console at the moment.

“At the moment” that is still not a forward answer, stop beating around the bush and mow right over the thing. I am pretty sure MOST of the console players have given up hope on this game...RIP...nice shot at what potentially could have been an amazing game on console. It’s all false hope and dreams on yalls behalf and console players. You can try and try to convince me/us that y’all MAY put mods in but until we see concrete evidence on the subject...RIP...g’day sir.

DLC after DLC is not going to make the game better nor will it make it die a slower death. Maybe Giants Software should have developed this game, They have a good hand in what mods can and will do for a game.

@mudrunnerr50 I didn't say anything about hardware.

@zoglet I've never been a very empathic person towards people who think they have a hard life. I've been in third world countries with no electricity or plumbing or anything for that matter. They have it bad, not us in developed countries. So I just don't need people trying to tell me how a video game developer has a hard life. You brought that up, not me.

Just a quick question.
WHEN are you going to fix the SUN rising and setting only in the West?!
I mean this was the fault of Spintires game.
You are fooling people this is a new game, yet is it just copy-paste of the old one with minor details changed, and asking a huge amount of money for an obsolete 4 years old alpha stage game.

See here for what the full Spintires game should have had, not to mention a lot more when it earned several millions just in the first month of sales, 4 years ago....You know actual content.
Money grabbing fooling various player categories is a low down and dirty trick.
The console players that were fooled like the PC players came to realize, but the scam is already done, they were conned out of their money.
Now a different target of potential victims.
Next up tablets and phones, no?!

In the USA edition, will you be using U.S. military trucks/heavy equipment, and civilian vehicles. And in the Siberian edition, can you introduce equipment like forwarders, skidders and loaders, and maybe a real time weather system. I think it would be interesting driving the D-535 through 4 foot deep snow, across frozen rivers (risking breaking through), and through frozen mud like real log truck drivers.

As a console player I don't believe I was fooled. Yes I did buy the game whilst it was on a sale, but it was the sale advert which informed me that Mud Runner was out for the XBOX. - I hadn't noticed the game until that point - the discount was a bonus and I would have shelled out £30+ for MR. The enjoyment I've had and still have from the game is testament to that.

Everyone is different and I do realise that my MR experience was not "tainted" by experiencing the full Spintires PC environment. My opinion might well have been a little different had that been the case.

@jdavid1278 Hi there, we're not super ready to talk about what will be featured in MudRunner USA yet 🙂

Perhaps are you ready to talk, to the content of the next dlc ?

@crunky-trunks lol there not "super ready" to tell us a damn thing. Such a dead fucking game.. Good try though..

I will pretend that I haven't seen the F-word:
Have you ever heard about bussiness politics? Releasing of informations about what you are putting on market has its own "rules", timing could be quite vital for the thing. And me personally also don't like to tell others what I am working on when work is still in progress. Things may change and I don't want to not deliver things I've already spoken of...
When there will be something to say, I am pretty sure we will hear about it...

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Such a dead ....... game..

Well, we are transporting dead wood after all! 😂 😂 😝

...ahem... I crack myself up.... I get my coat...

@redwoodsmith Please refrain from using unnecessary profanity here.