It's time to make cross-platform happen! At least for Xbox and PC.

The release and success of Sea of Thieves shows that cross-platform works just fine now between the Xbox and PC.

There's also at least 9 confirmed Steam-Xbox cross-platform games already:

The benefits for the Xbox and PC communities would be huge! The Xbox guys are the smallest and least developed and we'd certainly love a bigger prize pool for a combined CL!!!

How easily could it be implemented? @Netheos Has there been any work done in the past to make cross-platform happen? I recall that it was a planned feature at some point.

Now this is a suggestion I can get behind!

Absolutely! This is probably one of the best things imaginable for player base retention and perhaps might even result in a substantial increase

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Aren't the different platform-deployments just clients to the same server-api anyway? Or do the servers work differently for the different platforms?