Custom teams still have a secret invisible bank account

So when you create a new custom team you have infinite money to play with, but of course you can't keep infinite money forever. What actually happens is that when you join a league, your bank is set to zero when you start your first game. Usually.

It turns out you can manipulate things by buying things (apo, reroll, players) before you join the league, and selling them afterwards. (Actually you can sell extra stuff immediately.) You'll be refunded the TV cost and it will appear in your bank account when you start your first game. (Also buying new players, more rerolls, etc., comes out of that refunded money.)

What this means is that two completely identical teams can start game one in a fresh league, where one team has no bank and the other has 150k or more. Money in your invisible bank above 150k still counts against your TV too.

Finally, I made a 2600TV elf team for laughs and tested putting that into a league too: it set the team's bank to -1. Not zero, which suggests something may have gone wrong there too but I have no idea what.

My first game was TV 1000 v TV 1000 and we both got 50k in petty cash for some reason.

Focus Team

Yep, we found the bug and fixed it on our side but it's not in the beta build.
If it's what we though, you should be able to reproduce it:

  1. Create a new custom team at 1000TV
  2. Sell a player who cost 50k and buy it again
  3. In the inducement phase, you should get 50k (or "49k", there was another bug around)

When I did it, it was a vanilla Vampire team in an AI league. I didn't resell anything and my first game was against a Skaven 1000 TV team. We both had 50k in inducements. I chose inducements first and took a babe, not sure if that caused the AI to get a babe as well.

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