Lighting bug and opportunities

On my PC, I have a lighting bug. The lithting change when I move the camera in the corridor with all the bedrooms. I post screenshots to show you. I put a cross on one of them to show you where the bug is the most visible, but it appear in all the screen ingame.

0_1522255377684_Capture d’écran (21).png

0_1522254987789_Capture d’écran (22).png

0_1522255575137_Capture d’écran (22)_LI.jpg

And along to me, the opportunities are not very precises, and we don't have much time, so maybe we could have an explanation about "what does this point represent ? " when we pass the cursor on it, and of course have more time to read this.

Thanks for read me, and congratulations for this amazing game ! 🙂

Community Manager

Thank you so much for your kind words at the end there, much appreciated!

We're going to look into the lighting issue you've seen here, thanks for reporting it. I've also passed along your feedback about the opportunities, thank you for that, too!

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