concedes...and league ranking

I'm playing in open ladder on ps4 at the mo. Just looking at top 10. I've got the skaven team there. Just discovered The goblinspy stuff. I don't get teams concede against me very often so play out most of my games. The bashy teams seem to get a lot more concedes...I can't think why that would be...,but I take it a win is a win and they count the same? I.E. if someone has got to the point they would concede the other team would prob get win anyway? It's open ladder so doesn't matter much anyway but just interested

Yeah, they count the same. It's difficult to know what exactly to do with concession wins as if they didn't count as much as a normal win people would be able to punish their opponent by conceding. As you say, though, the Open ladder ranking is fairly meaningless.

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