the editor beta?

has anyone tried the editor beta? i did. it wipes all the media out like an update or fix in the game does. curious to see if any changes have been introduced . just wondering. Rufus

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Yeah. I've been using it to convert ST mods for a couple days now. It works alright for that. A little different than the non-public_beta version. A bunch of error warnings that didn't used to happen, and it deletes the modstrings XML now(which is useless in MR anyway). I get a bunch of similar error warnings when I try to open one of my maps with it too. On top of that it won't open any of them. And I haven't figured out how to make it create new terrain either. Soooo.....

Bottom line: It ain't good for much of nothin' except uploading maps to the workshop. Everything else it either won't do, or doesn't really do it any better than the non-public_beta version. didn't screw any of my files up when I installed it. @Tattoo said it deleted his UserProfile.stu when he installed the beta version of the game. I was using that beta version of the game until today too. Then after some update this morning it stopped being able to load manually installed maps. So I dropped that POS like a bad habit. If I feel the need to play any of the workshop maps I'll just manually install those too. 😉

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@mudhappy said in the editor beta?:

@Tattoo said it deleted his UserProfile.stu when he installed the beta version of the game.

NO, I said they got deleted after verifying the Game Files.

thanks mudhappy!! i just make crazy amounts of maps to drive around on basically. it took all my stored up map models. almost 900 of them (well the stupid 300 or so street signs. thoses don't really count). i will be reverting to the prior. i remember that tattoo. and the advice worked, keep a copy and just drop it in if it messes up. thanks guys for the good direction.. Rufs

@tattoo True. My bad. Thanks for clarifying. I said(in the other thread)...I did the same and that didn't happen.

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