Unable to play manually installed maps with game version 18/03/06(public_beta)

I'm not really interested in support with this. I just want to bring it to your attention. I noticed after some kind of small update this morning that, suddenly, manually installed maps would not load. Verifying integrity of game files didn't fix it. So I've since gone back to version 18/01/29b, which solved the problem. I have no intention of bothering with version 18/03/06 anymore. Please fix this before release. If you release another broken version on us I'm going to flip out...again. 😡 😤 😠


Side note: The public_beta version of the editor is also so broken it's almost useless. Can't really use it for much of anything besides uploading maps and converted mods to the workshop. And I'm also finding that it's not even able to convert certain mods that are able to be converted with the non-public_beta version. WTF? You might want to fix that too.

Thanks again!

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oh god 😟 I hope this is only because its a beta designed to only test workshop maps. I cannot stand the workshop and never use it, so if they force us to use the workshop, it will be disappointing development to say the least!