10 losses in the statistics page, 9 in history and on Mordrek's site

This is concerning my CL Kislev team, "The Enarion Exiles".

http://www.mordrek.com/goblinSpy/web/goblinSpy.html?platform=pc&league=Cabalvision Official League&competition=Champion Ladder XIII&q=*team&t1=2050486

According to Goblin Spy I should have 9 losses with them. The statistics page however says there's 10. So I went through the history pages and only counted 9 as well. So something here isn't working correctly.

You have 10 losses recorded in history in-game (9 on the first page, 1 on the second when you filter by results=losses). Your match vs Whale People is missing from goblinspy. I'll ping @mordrek

Thanks for the ping @dode74

Hi @Isarnwolf
Seems the spy missed this one. Not sure why unfortunately.
I have however told it to re-fetch that date and that seems to have done the trick. It now lists 10 losses.
If you think the spy has missed something, send me a message with the date and I'll tell it to try again.

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