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Hello there young one, and welcome to our third passage on Guardians - the powerful golems you will raise while journeying the land of Spark in Masters of Anima.


Your third tool along the road is the Keeper. Unlike the first two Guardians we highlighted, the Keeper does very low direct damage, with a focus more on utility. Calling upon ancient magics it will extract anima from your enemies and gift it to you to do with as you wish. This is an extremely powerful effect in combat and allows you to sustain yourself in long fights. However, their powerful abilities don’t stop there.

Their Battle Cry, Healing Orb, does exactly as it suggests - each affected Keeper will generate a healing orb for Otto, recharging his HP. While this isn’t a constant source like the anima from their basic attacks, it will get you out of a tight spot if you’ve planned a safe zone for retreat and recharge.

Keepers come in groups of two and have very little protection, making them extremely fragile per anima spent. The more you field the quicker you can replenish lost forces and the more Battle Cries you can trigger with the spare anima, but the less damage you’ll be doing overall. However, you can also rely on their healing orbs to keep Otto alive and continue the fight, making them a reliable option once things start getting tough in later battles.

Upgrades also let you shape your playstyle with the Keeper. Every level up gives you a skill point to invest in Otto or one of his Guardians as you see fit. One Keeper skill turns any movement orders they’re given into teleports. This helps them stay out of harm’s way, and makes fielding a larger force of Keepers less likely to end with so many scattered golem body parts. Their ultimate upgrade, which requires more points invested in them, adds a damage bonus to healing orbs, increasing how hard Otto hits by up to 50% for five seconds. With skillful control, this can offset some of the damage loss from using Keepers in the first place. (1).gif

Combat aside, Keepers are also one of your most useful tools for traversing the world. Able to strip away physical blockages as well as any Guardian, they can also create an anti-corruption rune by channeling their powers at certain spots. Otto can then pick this up and move with it, granting him temporary passage over dangerous land and access to new secret areas.

The Keeper offers a different challenge to use than other Guardians, and thus requires a more careful strategy. They provide a benefit in any number, but the delicate balance of damage and anima regeneration is vitally important if you wish to survive the more challenging fights in Masters of Anima. We’ll learn more about other utility options at your disposal in the next week as we continue our journey through Spark.

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