Versus is kind of boring after a day and that's sad because I really want to enjoy this mode as I like the player vs player. There is only 4 game modes Push, Firefight, Frontline and domination, There is no tactical gameplay either unlike other fps, pvp games similar. Now i know that for more tactical gameplay you have co-op/custom games but not everyone want to play against AI a lot of people find no enjoyment in that. In versus you have people running around with Revolvers and Desert eagles not that you can help what people play like but come on the desert eagle is op. This game has so much more potential the mechanics are amazing the weapon customization is amazing but there is no realistic gameplay unless you play custom games or co-op. There are a few things you can add to help with this, Add more game modes for example, TDM, Bomb defusal, Hostage situations where the hostage is in a random building every time and you have to search with your team and watch your fire, Some compound raids with the option to play at night for night vision use as no versus mode has this and this would make this game so much more realistic as you would have to be care full being close quarters as the enemy could blind you with there flashlights so you cant see a thing and even adding the mechanic to destroy lights, Some 5v5 modes. Back to the hostage and raids you could have so many scenarios in planes, Banks, compounds, mosques and so much more. Releasing a update with things like this would bring in so many new players. Now this may sound like a rant but this is just suggestions to help.