okay so about that new game coop mode ,survival, its good for a change you now but it feels like walk/run than actualy caping the obj are far apart and the enemy ai are all over the place like there is no where to hide literally ,well its a good thing
it keeps u going ik but when u are taking fire from every diriction it feels kinda overwelming but nvm that thats manageable
a really annoying issue im facing more frequently is the hud in this particuler mode disappears alot it comes back at the extraction obj , another issue that was there before but started to appear more frequently is the weapons bugging like i cant see them i cant shoot them i cant switch etc.. this happens when picking up guns from the ground or sometimes when resupplying i dont wanna sound disappointing i love the game its a great game ik the devs are dong hard work for it but i think its always gonna be normal checkpoint or ISMC modded servers
how about optimization/AI-major updates like its okay put a pause on new content ismc can cover in this area for some time how about making the game compatible with dx12 ive been runnig with it since 1.7 its way better at fps but there is the minor crashes and little bit of stutter at the beginning of every game but overall its good performance
anyways sry for being too long and tell next time ❤