Local/hotseat leagues

We need this in the game, I want to play with my family in a leagues without buying the game 3 times. it would bring so much enjoyment to so many people plus if people play it with there friends and they like the game they might buy it. There nothing that could go wrong with doing it and it should be fast to non-tricky to do, it would only make the game better an there's so many benefits. Please make this happen, thank you ❤


Hotseat league with AI-teams. That's really the only thing this game needs right now!

How is it that you can not play several people locally on the same PC and with a game?

It seems to me that not including that option is to have very little embarrassment.

I was enjoying the game in its Legendary version, learning and with the idea of playing with my nephews and my wife a league and so if they like to weigh the idea of buying the game on board. And I find that it is not possible to make a league in local with humans and IA-teams ...

So they have lost several possible sales in the board game, which certainly do not care, of course. But I think we have to punish these abusive policies.

For my part also for a hypothetical Blood Bowl 3 I will not buy it unless 100% local multiplayer mode with AI equipment is confirmed.

Its strange yea, adding this would increases the replayability of this gem of a game substantially!

Hey devs, you out there?

want to buy and support this game, but won't do so until there's local hotseat league option. I have no interest in online multiplayer and was sad when it became clear the game was going to be focused on that. I want to make my own league and play against myself, just like I used to do with the physical game 25 years ago. I'd happily pay extra just for that feature. I know I'm not alone, because I've found dozens of threads about this and in 2017 one of the mods said it was the community's most-requested feature. Come on guys - it's not just me waiting on this.

They aren't developing BB2 anymore, bit late...