Recommended wood points return!

It is recommended that all round wood tasks be converted into wood points, and converted according to short: 2 medium length: 3or4 long: 4or5.Allow players to freely choose wood vehicles, and appropriately increase the number of mission points required to increase the chances of large wood transport racks or vehicle combinations. Wood and processed wood should also be converted according to this ratio. The log volume of the short-timber vehicle is very different from that of the processed wood.

Good idea from Mudrunner.

The problem with this idea is that many tasks become a lot easier of you allow this. For example, Timber at Arm's Reach requires two loads of long logs to Island Lake. You need to bring them from Black River or Drummond Island because Island Lake only has medium logs available. If you convert this to log points according to your suggestion, then most player would simply do 3 more loads of medium logs in Island Lake instead of transferring long logs from another map.