Interesting new game coming out soon...

looks to be something to keep an eye on for sure imo. 10 days till release is what they say.

Pure Rock Crawling

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Quite possibly. Nice find! However, good job it is early access though - there is no way that the suspension animations come anywhere close to Mud Runner in Pure Rock Crawling's current state..

@difflock66 not my find, just passing it on. true it still needs a bit of work imo. but not too bad, especially when considering given a bit of time to develop more.

just checked it out, looks good. i see that is a 64bit game , will that offer any noticeable improvements over 32bit MR format? i ask because i don't know the differences each offers.. also there is no mention of pricing. RUFUS

well, i am just keeping an eye on it for now. i would like to see more done to it and for it. i believe right now there is no user mods support being considered and no mention of MP either.

hi All, i see that the Pure Rock Crawling is out , (and already is on sale).. Has anyone taken the leap and got this game?
__ Also, where is the best place to discuss a different game (like this thread) do these conversations upset the powers that be??__Rufus

i did try it.... not impressed at all. a very basic, at best, rock crawl sim. cannot choose trucks, one unlocks after a couple of completed levels, then another after a couple more. ect, etc..
__ It has a keystroke that "bunny hops" the truck.. Yup , the trucks do a hop, assuming to get onto the rocks.. no modding at all. The graphics are okay, not crisp or sharp, kind of, blah..
__lacking is the best word for the game play.. nothing like ST/MR. Nothing.. i have asked for a refund
__My overall review is buyer beware. Rufus

Thanks for taking one for the team, Rufus! 👏 🕶

i know of a couple people who bought it. so far opinion is good, cool concept, but still needs work. most of all it needs MP, but time will tell on that one. big downside is no modablity. well from my understanding you can actually, but it is not easy and can be complicated.

i have not yet tried it, but if it gets developed a bit more i might give it a bite.

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@rufus They don't at all, feel free to talk about other games here 🙂

@iyagovos== my bad, if this was an inappropriate thread!!(i don't really understand Iyagovos' reply) .
__given the similarity to ST/MR. i just wanted to share MY opinion, with the community. And offer that a second look prior to purchase might be worth considering .
__ i will try to be more aware of my post's in the future. (☺ plus we should be saving our $ for the Mudrunner USA DLC☺ ). Rufus

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@rufus Off Topic, but i hope people will not have to pay for usa dlc. although then again i figure the usa dlc is more for the console players anyway. after all those of us on pc can mod our game for our own "usa dlc" already.

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@rufus I'm saying it's totally cool to talk about other games here 🙂

@iyagovos __ thank you for clarifying iyagovos !_ 8up- i hope that the/or any DLC is free, time will tell. like you said the modding community, can always just create our own "DLC" thanks for the feedback__ Rufus

@iyagovos a person would think so, considering this thread is about "another" game. lol 😆

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