Tatra 813 bugs and feedback PTS 14.0

1. Wheels should always stay perpendicular to the half-axles, but in the game they don't. This animation shows how Tatra's backbone tube chassis with independent swing half-axles operates:

Youtube Video

another video:
Youtube Video

Meanwhile in the game we get this, which is far from how it should operate:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.05.21 -

2. Camber of right wheel affects camber of the left wheel and vice versa - as if they were connected with a solid axle, but they should be independent:
alt text
ezgif.com-gif-maker (22).gif
This also shows problem #1 very well.

3. Camber of the hub doesn't match the camber of the wheel:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.05.22 - 23.43.32.jpg
They are supposed to be fixed to each other, so this is obviously very wrong.

4. In Snowrunner the weight of the wheel affects suspension stiffness. Stock tatra wheels are Super Heavy (600kg), but the rest of the wheel options it has are Heavy (200kg). As a result when you switch between stock and non-stock wheels you can see the suspension collapse and rise:
ezgif.com-gif-maker (21).gif

5. Tatra 813 currently weights 26 400kg with the stock wheels in the game. According to Tatra 813 Wikipedia page curb weight of 813 KOLOS 8x8 is 14,000 kg. So it weights nearly twice as much as it should in the game.

6. The lights on the sides and back of the roof rack don't cast any light:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.05.23 - 10.56.24.jpg

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And... the default geometric color block paintings are incredibly ugly, all of them!

@RichardSiegers said in Tatra 813 bugs and feedback PTS 14.0:

example 2 is actually how the suspension should react its correct

the camber of the tire should not differ from the camber of the brake drum/wheel hub

the wheel hub behaves correctly, the tire does not

yeah i see it now forgot to delete my forum post XD was thinking of something else thats why i was confused

@mendel Even the current model/rigging of those axles isn't correct, at least those front ones... right now, they behave like rubber while they should have been rigid. They are swinging on both ends and the half-axle tube is stretching like crazy, which is simply wrong. Those axles should only be swinging/flexing near the central tube...

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