Banner planting

I have read somewhere few months ago that EE will include a new ability for 1 caracter of the team which is to plant a chapter banner on the grown to give to the team some attack / defense bonus.

Do you know if this ability will be avalaible ? I found this idea very good to reinforce team spirit!

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Hi there,

Yes, this will be available in the Space Hulk: Enhanced Edition, though it doesn't give a bonus to players, it is cosmetic.

Still no Boni?! I thought this was commonly agreed on to be a good idea.... Will this maybe be included later at least?

@iyagovos Great thing ! Thank you br0
Very impatient to see visual impact! About boni, will be always time to give one if needed (maybe attack/defenses/health recovery?)

Possible to get some screen of visual effects plz ?

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