JK Rebuild (Rebuild?)

Ok so I'm on a mission too convert all my mods to collision axle setups. Gonna slowly tackle them one by one until there done, in between my new stuff of course. That being said the first old mod too be rebuilt this way is the JK Rebuild I've added two new variants with the old in case some people don't like the added realism.... the new collision axle types are labeled "Realism #1/Realism #2 for both colors. The numbers denote wheel type. 1 = Trepadors, 2 = tsl super swampers.

alt textalt textalt textalt text

Workshop link here.

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@drgonzo1489, You be liking that now, huh? lol. Cool man. I like it too cuz I didn't like how the axles went thru rocks and stuff. It seemed too fake to me. And now that we got the 2 axis' on the tops, the shocks/springs look a LOT better since they don't move AND now, you can use different shapes for the 4 link and doesn't have to be just round pipe looking. You can make something cool looking now, if ya wanted to.

That's a cool lookin' Jeep too ya got there, too. I'm not big on trailing but I like running them around to uncloak. Thanks for the mod.

@tattoo yessir excited to do my jeep truggies for this reason

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