Double tapping W in quick succession make you toggle walk

Hello all, as english is not my native language dont shoot me GOD DAMN IT.

I enjoy insurgency very much, im gym instructor and wannabe physioteraphist so please spare me your medical examination. Insurgency is game when i run a lot, i run so much that my tendons got too much stressed and ganglion cyst pops out every 200 hours of insurgency and i have to smack it with hammer.

( It really helps, and when i dont play Insurgency it doesnt come back ).

My middle finger tendon is totally stressed, i really play a lot so small option of double tapping W or caps lock for locking movement would be very helpful for me. I just press "W" all day. Also i dont see how it would destroy game balance in any way.


Please help. 🤕

loool damn feels like you personally walking and running in reall life xD