Like i wrote to techical feedback as the problem is on live version.
I dont have pts so if someone wants to check on pts?
@ZeesuS said in My notices in phase 4 trucks so far.:

First of all lets start with the CAT trucks, ALL OF THEM has the same problem.
Rear suspension is completely stiff. That is why I will not even use them.

GMC Brigadier 8000.
There is a collision when sparewheel is installed. Its too far to the front. It hits the transferbox and if crane is installed it hits the support leg too. You can find the same problem in GMC MH9500 but there its less of a problem as the spare is further to back already. Simple to fix by moving the sparewheel more to the back on both of these trucks as there is room for that.
GMC Brigadier.png
GMC Brigadier 2.png
GMC Brigadier 3.png

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