MudRunner - Workshop Map Support

Hello all,

Today, we're very happy to unveil an update that adds Workshop Map Support to MudRunner on PC. What this means for you is that we now officially support map mods in MudRunner, and players will be able to upload and download their creations through the Steam Workshop, in the same way that they can for trucks.

You will find an update to both MudRunner and the MudRunner Editor.

Should you need help learning how modding tools work in MudRunner, here is our official guide. This will teach you to make both map mods and vehicle mods.

Another great community made guide, made by Torridon88, can be found here.


  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements to level editing mode.
  • Undo/redo history now works for changing object position and orientation.
  • Trucks are now better visualised on the map. Truck/trailer/addon picker dialog added.
  • Truck orientation can now be arbitrary. (Trucks are no longer required to be landed.)
  • Mods can now contain levels that are properly exported to the workshop.
  • Improvements were made to the "import mudrunner-2016 level" function.
  • Truck textures are now better optimised when exporting to the workshop.
  • Added "default screenshot for the item" function added for mods.

If you want to play older maps on this new version, you will need to convert them to the game using the conversion tool in the edtior. Once this is done, the older maps will be compatible with MudRunner

Should you not want to move to this new update just yet, you are able to stay on the current branch by going to public branch ver_18_01_29b in your available betas.

Thank you, and we'll talk to you soon,

The MudRunner team.


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Cool! I love this update))

First person to conclusively determine whether this update breaks existing manually installed maps gets a cookie... 😉

Do custom models work OK?

I just did the update with workshop map support, but some of the maps I used to have in my Levels folder no longer work. They are in the game and I can choose them, but they no longer have any ability to choose a truck to start with, so they are unusable. How do I fix this? Also, Where are the maps stored when downloading from the workshop? I can sub to a map, and it works great, so can I store my older maps from my "Levels" folder in the same place as the ones I get in the workshop to get them to work?

So it begins...
The format of the map files has changed apparently, so your choices are older version of Mudrunner and working manually installed maps (but no workshop maps) or updated Mudrunner with workshop maps only.
It's already confirmed, see above...

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@mexican_420 ******! thats what I get for not reading. 😞 😞 Thank you for the reply though! I hope they can fix this... Also I want to suggest to them that they need to permenantly delete the "Env_Mud_Particle" xml file from the meshcashe for future updates.. You get much more realistic mud effects with that file deleted.

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Great news! Is Pavel planning to release 2016 versions of all other maps like he has done with Volcano? I mean Coast, River etc. I hope he is!

Nice Update. Just wondering what's about Multiplayer support for workshop map content? ☺ ☺ ☺

Yup. Can't NOT update the editor, but the editor saves in the newer STG format which causes that issue in the non-updated game if you try to use those maps. So in a roundabout way we're effectively being forced to update the game as well. Any maps that don't get updated won't work with newest version of the game. Holy clusterf*ck Batman...
Also I'm hearing that you can't even reload existing maps from the prebuild data, or even create a new map by right-clicking prebuild...
WTF Saber/Focus?! You guys really stepped in it this time... 🙄

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OK, can't load my current map im working on, but.. also cannot make a new? Right clicking on "prebuild" gives me no options, at all.

@joridiculous said in Spintires: MudRunner - Workshop Map Support:

@mexican_420 I didnt update the editor. And i sure as heck want until it is fixed!
(map in screenshot was made in (now) previous version of editor)

Again Devs tries to fix things that wasn't broken, WTF?

It auto-updates... Unless you stay offline, you may already be boned...

Thanks for the uupdate ! 🙂

Any chance we will see winter maps with snow in the workshop ? Is it technicaly possible?

@joridiculous said in How to install SpintiresMod v1.6.11 (Mudrunner Plus) Enable Dev tools, battery winch, and much more!:

@mexican_420 Move to the spintires-mudrunner-workshop-map-support/19 topic?

I tried with both version of the game. New one refuse to load the truck select menu.
Also tried with .11 of STM and .10a . .11 loads the maps but you cant select trucks. (I tried that yesterday using STM editor and rebuilding the map to new format.)

New version of game won't load truck selection menu for manually installed maps, or won't load truck selection menu for workshop maps? Or both?