Problems using Controller

I use a controller. I have some serious injuries to my hand, and it means that I'm not very nimble with a keyboard/mouse setup. Using a regular Xbox Controller, I have noticed a few problems. While ADSing, I cannot click the Right Analog stick to left right without also activating my Optic Zoom. If I use an optic without any zoom function, this isn't a problem. I believe the problem is that Lean Right and Optic Zoom are bound to the same button, but this wasn't a problem before the recent update.

Another problem is that Crouch is set to hold, not toggle. This means that I can no longer tap the button to crouch, because as soon as I let go I stand back up. If I hold the button, I go from crouch to prone (the way I'm supposed to). Effectively, this means I can no longer crouch.

Can you set it back to how it was? Or add in the option to edit your own layout on controllers? I effectively can't play the game anymore.

Problem STILL Persists. Still Cannot play game. Why would you switch it in the first place? The Controller was working just fine the way it was before the recent update. Am I just stuck not playing until or IF the controller bug ever gets fixed? I'm seriously about to uninstall and forget this game already. How can such a game breaking bug go unacknowledged for this long?